Monday, November 22, 2010

Ecosystem Artist Journal Watermelon Large

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The Ecosystem Artist Journal in large is the largest journal that I currently own - it measures 7-1/4" by 9-3/4" - this is definitely not a book that you can slip into your pocket.

Here is is next to my large Moleskine sketchbook.

And with my large Webnotebook.

From the Ecosystem website:

the ecosystem life

An ecosystem notebook has a unique past, present and future: The book's past is the various parts made of 100% post-consumer recycled paper, its present is your thoughts and ideas recorded on the pages, and the future is your next step: save the book, or recycle it.

e•co sys•tem art•ist [ek-oh sis-tem ahr-tist]

An individual who utilizes their imagination to produce works that are beautiful and kind to the earth.

creativity is about options

Because you are creative, imaginative, and cherish the freedom to express yourself, each ecosystem artist item features blank paper inside. The 100% post-consumer recycled paper is smooth and perfect for creating your works of art.
Choose a cover format, flexi or hard; choose from our wide variety of colors; and, for a final touch, think about a pocket-insert for added functionality.

This particular notebook has a flexible cover.  If you don't like creases and dents definitely opt for the hardcover.  I do very much like the watermelon color, but not caring for blank covers I had to add some decoration.  Crystal paw prints (from Michael's) and my pawprint stamp.

The paper in this journal is a bright white, which I personally prefer for all my writing and drawing.  Also, all the pages are microperforated for removal if you so desire. 

Keep in mind that this paper is 100% post-consumer recycled, so it is fairly lightweight.  That being said there is substantial show through and even some bleed through with my Sakura Pigma Micron and my Copic Multiliner SP (these pens do not bleed through on higher quality paper). 

Pretty much the same result with fountain pens with some feathering added in.

The prerequisite back pocket and, unique to the Ecosystem journals, a registration number which will provide you will detailed information about your journal and potentially return it to you if it is ever lost.

Now all that being said, you would think that I might not like this journal - large, so-so paper, so-so cover.   But, and I don't know why, this journal somehow appeals to me.  I like using it and I like carrying it.  So what if the paper and cover aren't perfect, it makes me happy.


Stephanie said...

I don't have one, but I think I would feel similarly: it would make me happy even if the paper isn't perfect. I sometimes like large journals/notebooks so I am not going to be put off by that. I really want to try one of these! I need more money and time. *lol* I love that you're really getting into doodling and sketching!

KjM said...

I envy you your ability to sketch - straight lines are a problem for me!

Nice journal. The bleed-through would annoy me, at first blush. Who knows, though? With the journal in my hands my experience might be similar to yours.

Laura Eno said...

Stopping by to wish you a happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

I like the size. The paper weight would be a problem, and the perforations are a deal-breaker. I'll bet it's perfect bound, too. Too bad--I am looking for a book this size with good quality white drawing paper, a hard cover and sewn-in pages. Michael Roger used to make one, but no more.

Julie (Okami) said...

Don't despair - Ecosystem has just introduced a new sketchbook with heavier paper and no microperfs - I think it will be exactly what you are looking for - I will be reviewing it very soon.

Michelle said...

I hadn't heard of this before - but I've been feeling a bit disappointed with moleskine for wrapping all of their notebooks in plastic. Not very eco-friendly. I will definitely look into this one!

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