Thursday, November 11, 2010

Featured Pen - Stypen Creeks n' Creeks Set

[You can click on any of the photos to enlarge for more detail]

Ok, Ok, - not posting to my blog is driving me crazy.  I hand wrote this post before I succumbed.

The following in from a news release dated May 19, 2004:
PARIS, May 19 /PRNewswire/ --
Effective today, BIC has acquired 100% of Stypen SA, a French manufacturer of writing instruments since 1934. Stypen, which specialises in refillable fountain pens, recorded sales of EUR 17m in 2003. The Company is present mainly in France.
This acquisition illustrates BIC's strategy to develop its stationery business in new segments. Stypen has a 10% share of the "school refillable fountain pen" category, one of the largest writing instrument segments in France today. In addition, Stypen has an attractive portfolio of licensed brands, as well as an imprinted business, which BIC will leverage to strengthen its position in Europe.


jmwhitus said...

Thanks for the review and the cool way you did it. The handwriting makes it fun to read. And this was the first time I have seen the way the dot paper looks when used. It looks great!

davbrown74 said...

This was a great review and the way you wrote it was very creative. You have given me a great idea to show off my Montblanc pens.

Anonymous said...

I quite like Stypen pens. A few years ago I bought a boxfull of them from Bob Speer who had advertised them on the Zoss mailing list. He had found several crates in Thailand and was selling them for about $2 apiece. So, I asked him to throw me one of everything he could find from his stash and I ended up with some really cool pens.

They have all been student-quality, but good quality. By 'student' I only mean that the barrels, sections, and caps are printed plastic, and the nibs were stainless steel. Everything was manufactured very nicely. The nibs I have tried have been uniformly very smooth, though maybe short of slippery.

Anonymous said...

I have a Creek fountain pen with a vine and leaf pattern in sterling silver with a 12kt gold clip. The nib says Creek. It is very old and in excellent condition-given to me by a great aunt who purchased it in France. If anyone is interested in it, (it works beautifully) please email me and I will send a photo. THANKS !!!!!!!

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