Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ecosytem Artist Journal - New

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A few weeks ago, I reviewed a large Ecosytem Artist Journal with a soft cover.  Although the paper was not the best I really liked the journal.  As a result of that review, I was contacted by Ecosytem and advised that they had just launched a new hardcover sketchbook with heavier paper.  They also asked if I would like to try one.

My response??  Heck yeah!!  This new sketchbook is exactly that - a sketchbook, and it proclaims it loud and clear on the front cover.  There are sketch artists who really prefer not to advertise that, please see this guest post over at PocketBlonde, but me?  I'd love it if someone thought that I was a real artist.

This journal has all the same great features that were found in the other sketchbook, but it does it with a much heavier quality bright white paper.  This paper performs extremely well with all pens and inks, except those that typically cause problems, the alcohol based Copics and the Sharpies.

Where the previous version had bleed through and show through with even Sakura Micron, this sketchbook does not.

There was a minor amount of show through with my Pentel brush pen but it was not too bad.  A wonderful improvement to a great product.  Now if I could just figure out where to buy one, these sketchbooks do not yet appear on the website, but hopefully they will be available very soon.  Don't forget to check your local Barnes and Noble or local bookseller for the Ecosytem line.  You can find stores here:  store locator.


bengkia said...

Great review. Might pick up one. It's about high time sketchbooks came with those little moleskine-esque pockets behind. They're great for keeping specific reference pics, calligraphy samples to refer to and grids printed on transparent film. I wish other sketchbook makers would include this feature too.

Also, you are an artist. I like your work and i see no cause for doubt. :)

hen said...

Love the big fat letters running vertically on the cover!

Laura said...

LOVE thick heavy paper in sketchbooks...that quality looks really great.

Also, love your circle doodle :) It appeals to my geometric love.

Palimpsest said...

A very timely review as my 9 yr old son was just stressing to me the necessity of a blank -blank- notebook, mum - blank, you understand. Yes, sir!

journalingarts said...

Very interesting addition the Ecosystems line of notebooks.

B2-kun said...

Nice review, I would be inclined to pick one up just for the cover alone with its bold letters proudly proclaiming its artistic identity.

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