Monday, December 20, 2010

Quiver Pen Holders

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From the Quiver Global website:
We are proud to present Quiver, thoughtfully crafted leather pen holders for your Moleskine or similarly-sized notebooks.
We are passionate about using our notebooks for journaling, sketching, writing, composing, cartooning and note-taking. We became frustrated searching for and waiting for someone to deliver a product to pair our preferred pens with our treasured notebooks. So we took on the task ourselves.
We are confident that you will love what we came up with, and that you will wonder how you ever got by without a Quiver leather pen holder.

I was really excited about this product when I first saw it over at Biffybeans blog, The Spiritual Evolution of the Bean, a few weeks ago.   Stephanie did an awesome review of the two pen holder. Since I have a two pen holder, albeit not nearly as nice as these, when I contacted Bob Koch about the possibility of my reviewing the product and he said yes, I asked if I could review the single pen holder.

This is a large holder and the website indicates that it will fit:

Fits Large Notebooks - A5 size
The elastic band allows a Quiver to fit notebooks 8" - 10.25" tall. (20.3cm - 26cm) 
Fits Hard Cover Notebook Brands
Quo Vadis

So first on the Quo Vadis Habana.  The Habana measures 9-5/8" tall.  As you can see it fits this notebook.

However, I could not get it even on each end.  One end wrapped around the cover, while the other was flush with the edge of the elastic.

I also found that the Quiver does not lay flat when a pen is in it.  I will say, however, that these really were minor issues and did not bother me in the use of the holder.

I noted on the website that one person commented that the way this Quiver attaches prevents a access to the back pocket.  I did not find this to be an issue.  Since the Quiver is attached with elastic, I found that I could still access the back pocket with no problem.

The second test notebook was my Ecosytem Artist Journal.  This journal measures 9-7/8" and again, although the Quiver fits, you can see that the leather wraps around the cover at the top and the elastic is flush on the bottom.

The Quiver gaps quite substantially on this journal.

Lastly on the Rhodia Webnotebook.

The Webnotebook measures 8-3/8" and, of these three, provides the best fit for the Quiver.

There is little or no bunching when a pen is in residence.

And there is little of no gap between the Quiver and the front cover.

The journal will not completely close on it's own, with the Quiver installed, but that's what the elastic on the journal is for.

It also will not lay completely flat when opened.  However, I did not find this to be an issue.  I drew in this journal for several hours with the Quiver in place, both on my knee and on my desk and did not find that the Quiver in any way hindered the use of the journal.

So my final conclusion is that I really like this one pen Quiver.  The only concern I have would be moving this from the larger Habana or Ecosystem to the Webbie after extended use.  I wonder how the elastic will hold up.

Hi, all!  After emailing with Bob Koch, I wen home and played with centering the Quiver on the Habana and Eureka!!  it worked.  It's not as easy as with the Webbie but as you can see it fits much better.  I'm using this Habana as a journal currently so I'll try to follow up on my concern about the elastic after extended use on the larger journal.


Laura said...

LOVE the idea of this, since I'm always digging around in my purse for pens, but I have to say, given how anal I tend to be, I think the gap between the leather and the notebook itself might bother me. Hard to say, though--maybe it would bother me at first, but fade with time.

I also feel like I would want something a little more discreet/smaller, but not sure how you would design something that was functional like that...I'm sure the folks over at Quiver went through MANY iterations and there's a reason why they landed at this one :)

phonelady said...

Those are awesome have not heard from you in a while hope all is well . Me I Just dont like this time of year . take care .

Julie said...

I keep looking at these. Not sure whether to just buy a couple or just make something with elastic... Not sure I have time to do anything other than hit a buy button! LOL

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