Sunday, January 9, 2011


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I joined the RAH RAH Club over at Rad and Hungry, when they first started making noises on Twitter. See my previous post about this company.

Well, much to my surprise and joy, I won their monthly drawing, where they giveaway one of their very cool kits of low-tech office supplies.  I'm all into low-tech, as you know if you've been reading for a while.

So above, is the box that came in the mail and when I opened it this is what I found.

Not everything is from France, but that's okay.  There are four cool paper clips from Brazil (2), Germany and Japan.

Then there is this neatly wrapped little package...

containing these adorable little-clog shaped erasers from Maped...

and a Maped Black'Peps 2B Pencil.

I really like the pencil.  It will be very good for sketching.

yes, the panda eraser is getting more face time 

Lastly, another very nicely wrapped package...

containing a plastic envelope with a cool french ruled cahier notebook from Hamelin.  Hamelin is actually a UK company that produces those wonderful Black n' Red notebooks and also owns Canson.

This notebook is 6.5" by about 8.75" and contains 96 pages of 60g paper.

I can't read French but I can figure out most of the tables on the back of the notebook.  The notebook is softbound the covers being just slightly heavier that the paper contained in the notebook.

Here is what amazed me the most, this paper, although only 60g and recycled, held up very well with my fountain pens.  I honestly expected feathering and bleedthrough.

But all I got was some minor showthrough.

This is an awesome kit and would make any pen and paper person, kid or kid at heart, happy.


hen chung said...

Awesome that the paper held up well when tested with your fountain pen! More reason to love the French kit! ;)

The collection of paperclips is the current gift that we send to all RAH RAH Club members. And periodically all members will receive suprise goodies so be on the look out for more free stuff!

Hope the new year is off to a great start for you!

Laura said...

I love these notebooks--the grids on them seem just right to me :) And awesome that they work well with your fountain pens, too!

And yes, I squeal just about every time I see the erases--SOOOO cute!!

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