Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Leaf Paper Company - Premium Banana Fiber Paper

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A little about the New Leaf Paper Company from their website:

The mission of New Leaf Paper is to be the leading national source for environmentally responsible, economically sound paper. We supply paper with the greatest environmental benefit while meeting the business needs of our customers. Our goal is to inspire — through our success — a fundamental shift toward environmental responsibility in the paper industry.
New Leaf Paper leads the paper industry in the development and distribution of environmentally superior printing and office papers that compete aesthetically and economically with leading virgin-fiber products. New Leaf Paper offers a wide selection of coated, uncoated and office papers, many with 100% post-consumer recycled content and Forest Stewardship Council certification.
The paper industry is one of the most polluting and resource intensive industries in the world. It is responsible for over a third of worldwide timber harvest and over 40% of all landfill waste in the U.S. When New Leaf Paper was founded in 1998, the paper industry had demonstrated a high resistance to change. With low margins, a commoditized international market, and huge capital investment in the status quo, paper companies resisted efforts to integrate sustainable principles into their business practices.
New Leaf Paper was founded in 1998 specifically to change this picture -- with the mission of leading a shift toward sustainability in the paper industry. The company developed a unique approach to business, embedding its social and environmental values into every product line and every business relationship. New Leaf Paper's innovative strategy is solving the classic "chicken or the egg" dilemma in the paper industry, in which both the supply side and the demand side of the market were unable to change their behavior. Leveraging the strength and clarity of the company's mission, New Leaf Paper developed a market for truly environmentally responsible papers and served this market through leading product innovation.
Using this model, New Leaf Paper was first to market with 100% post-consumer papers of unparalleled brightness and printing specifications, including the first-ever 100% post-consumer recycled coated papers, book publishing papers and more. Its product innovation and market success has caused major paper manufacturers to take notice and to enhance the environmental design of their products -- indirectly widening New Leaf Paper's environmental impact. Thus, the company's business activity both generates immediate environmental benefits and serves the company's greater mission by pioneering markets and shifting the behavior of its competitors.
An example of New Leaf Paper's innovative strategy is its development of New Leaf Everest, the world's first bright white letterhead paper made with 100% post-consumer waste and processed chlorine free. This paper was developed in partnership with a large customer, Bank of America. Leveraging the bank's buying power, New Leaf Paper worked with its supplier to produce a beautiful letterhead paper using 100% post-consumer waste. New Leaf Everest became the market leader and now five paper companies have followed New Leaf Paper's lead with competing brands. There has been a rapidly growing, competitive market for writing, text, and cover papers made with 100% post-consumer fiber ever since.

The paper that I purchased, from Office Depot, is their Premium Banana Fiber Paper,  the matching envelopes are separate.

I really like this company's mission and the fact that these papers are made with 100% recycled materials.  The papers are not inexpensive, but I believe that is part of the price to save our environment.  If we would all participate and purchase more recycled products, like everything else, I'm sure the costs would eventually decline.  Considering that as a group, fountain pen users are by nature paper users I think that if we are to be responsible we must look to sustainable resources.


Julie said...

Very cool! I've been curious about the fountain pen friendliness of this paper. When you are through tax season maybe you could expound?

Erin C. said...

Ditto Julie's comment. Thanks for keeping us updated even during your busy time of year!

ThirdeYe said...

I was wondering how it does in terms of feathering and bleedthrough? How thick is the paper? The sample of your writing looks good and I don't see much feathering, but it's hard to tell. I usually use Staples Sustainable Earth Bagasse, but I'm always looking for other alternatives.

John the Monkey said...

That ink looks very nice on it indeed.

JoniB said...

Nice! I'm wondering about the performance like ThirdeYe is.

When I was looking around the internet, I found many other "non-wood" papers out there. I'm starting to think the days of paper pulp are dwindling.

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