Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Making a Pen Roll

[You can click on any of the photos to enlarge for more detail]

Actually anyone can make a pen roll.  I took a bandanna that I really liked and used it for the outside of the roll.  Then I found some coordinating flannel, which I already had on hand.  

Stitch the two pieces together, design side and soft side in, leaving a small section open.  This will allow you to turn the design and soft sides out leaving your stitched portion inside.  Stitch the opening closed by hand.

Now you need to fold over the bandanna and stitch your pen pockets.

I hand stitched a ribbon on one edge which allows me to tie the roll closed.

Voila, one pen roll!!


Victoria said...

Great, nice job!

dianeb said...

Very nice!

Peninkcillin said...

Hah that looks so easy! Too bad I don't know how to use a sewing machine.

Gentian said...

That's awesome! It turned out great :D I've been wanting to make one for some time. Need to get a sewing machine again though.

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