Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Peanuts Limited Edition Moleskines

[You can click on any of the photos to enlarge for more detail]
COVERS  Left -Blank/Right-Ruled

Inside front cover above left

Inside front cover above right

The Peanuts Family Tree - inside back cover


Really not a lot to say, I had to have these 60th Anniversary Edition Moleskines because I adore Peanuts.  Snoopy is my all time favorite.  So far I have only acquired two of the four, these two are the pocket size so I probably will get the large size in the other two.

For now they reside on my shelf, because unfortunately Moleskine has yet to improve the quality of their paper.  Oh, well...I'll keep squeaking and perhaps one day they will get out that can of oil.


Laura said...

So cute! Love the little stickers.

Sophie_vf said...

they're pretty cute - I picked up one of each size at the bookstore because they were 50% off. As you say, the paper is the usual random quality - but I have enough fine nibs/dry inks that they're still usable for me.

OOK said...

I love my pocket Moleskine Peanuts, as much as I like Snoopy. But I wish Moleskine Limited Edition with CALVIN & HOBBES :))))) because they are both simply awesome :D

Stephanie said...

Not that I don't find it adorable, but what is the obsession with Peanuts? It seems like people are obsessed with them *everywhere*, and not just here where Charles Schulz grew up and there are random Snoopy sculptures in the streets.

The Pen Warrior said...

They look great I used to love Peanuts & Charlie Brown when I was younger.

Julie (Okami) said...

Stephanie - Peanuts is an icon - many of us grew up watching The Charlie Brown Christmas Specials and It's the Great Pumpkin - Snoopy is irresistible when he's flying his Sopwith Camel. I'll send you a copy of The Royal Guardsmen and Snoopy vs. The Red Baron.

bengkia said...

I have the blank one. A friend of mine gave it to me and that was the start of my defection to Moleskine blank notebooks for my pencil drawings and their sketchbooks for other mediums.

Stephanie: I can't answer for others, but I liked it when Moleskine chose to do Peanuts-themed journals because Peanuts is a regular strip in the papers here in Singapore and has been since i was young,, so i view them with some affection.

Of course, if they were to do Moleskines with a Calvin and Hobbes, Get Fuzzy or Dilbert theme, i would love those just as much too. I'm going to be using the journals anyway, so a themed one with a theme that speaks to me would just make me love the journal more. :)

Otoh, a journal with Taylor Swift or Justin Bieber's pic on the cover would probably leave me cold. It's really a matter of successfully marketing. to the right audience. ;)

Note Booker, Esq said...

I just don't get Moleskine. I guess they do well enough with crappy paper they see no need to upgrade.

I read once that the Moleskine paper quality varies widely from lot to lot because they keep changing their paper source. I must say the the paper in my extra-large cahiers works just fine with fountain pens . . . 2-sided writing is no problem! Unfortunately, I have no way of knowing if the next ones I buy will be the same.

The paper in the one hard-bound Mole I bought absorbs ink like a paper towel. I half expect pencil to feather and bleed. Ionly keep it around to test inks for feathering and bleeding. If it doesn't do either in the Mole, then I know it's resistant!

PJ said...

Hello, another Snoopy fan here. I'm using the Moleskine watercolor book for a traveling art journal. I bought it because I liked the paper, it came in landscape. After reading the above posts, I'm thinking I must have just found the random good one. Since they're not consistent with the paper they use, I'll have to make sure I don't order them online. If I want to buy another Moleskine, I'll buy it in person so I can check out the paper first. I wonder why they don't just find a good paper supplier and stick with it. Silly mole!

Julie (Okami) said...

Hi PJ - The Moleskine Watercolor books are a whole other animal as are the sketchbooks, it's just their regular notebooks that seem to have paper issues.

thethebrickbrownfox said...

how much are these? and where did you buy them> very nice eh

Julie (O-kami) said...

I got mine from Amazon and they ran about $15 USD eash.

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