Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day 2011 - Happy 41st Anniversary!!

Wow - 41 years since Earth Day first began back in 1970.  That is hard to believe.

I wonder if we have really made much progress in 41 years?

After all Earth Day was the result of a massive oil spill in 1969 and today our Gulf Coast is still recovering from the devastating Deepwater Horizon disaster just a year ago. The US Congress has just passed a rider the to recent budget bill which will "delist" wolves from the endangered species list. It makes me wonder if we truly learn from our mistakes. But I digress...

At least it is good to see that many companies are trying to be good corporate citizens when it comes to the environment.  Pentel being one of them.

About a month ago, Beverly Steinberg, from Pentel contact me and asked if I would be interested in reviewing their green products for Earth Day.  I said, of course.  Green products are great and I have used many of Pentel's products for years so I was thrilled when I received a bag of pens and pencils to try out.

    Pentel sent a huge variety of pens, pencils and markers - 

    Three mechanical pencils - the .7mm lead Jolt is my favorite

    A Handy-Lines permanent marker and refill and a Handy-Lines highlighter (I already had a yellow version of this highlighter and really love it).

    The following four pens have been added to my art arsenal - they are great writers.

              .7 mm Liquid Gel Ink Pen

              .7mm EnerGel Ink Pen

              .25mm Slicci Pen 

              .7mm HyperG Pen

    The package also contained an RSVP RT Ball Pen and a Rolling Writer.

    When you look at Pentel's products, look for the Recoycology signs and stickers:

    From the Pentel website:
    Pentel Colors a Green World with Recycology™ Products
    Products use a minimum of 50% recycled materials by weight
    Pentel of America, a leading provider of writing instruments, office products, and art materials, is continuing its long-standing commitment to sustainability and social responsibility with the launch of a new line of eco-friendly products, Recycology™. Pentel's environmental programs began in 1974 when one of the Pentel factories in Japan was recognized and honored for its waste water treatment facilities and its participation in environmentally-friendly programs. Today, the Pentel line of Recycology™ products or containers are made from a minimum of 50%, and up to 100%, recycled content or post-consumer recycled content excluding consumable content and refills. This environmentally responsible line of products includes pens, markers, pencils, lead, and tape. 
    The Recycology™ Program has been introduced by Pentel as a new way of helping the environment by reducing the amount of environmental waste and increasing recycling activity. Pentel's Recycology™ Recycled-Content products contain recovered materials that have been reused in the manufacturing process. The Post-Consumer Recycled products are made from content collected in commercial and residential recycling programs.
    Products in the Recycology™ line include:
    • Refillable EnerGel Deluxe Liquid Gel Pens (50% recycled plastic)
    • Retractable and refillable permanent marker and highlighter (55% and 54% post consumer recycled plastic)
    • Hyper-G Retractable Liquid Gel Pen (71% recycled plastic)
    • Pencils with Lead Maximizer™ Continuous Lead System (75% and 72% recycled plastic with 67% and 42% post consumer recycled plastic)
    • Fiber tipped Pen (80% recycled plastic)
    • Hi-Polymer Lead (container is 100% recycled plastic)
    • Tape'n Glue™ Double Sided Tape (container is 72% post consumer recycled plastic)

    Pentel has also been kind enough to sponsor a giveaway, here at Whatever, of their green products.

    Now read the rules carefully.  

    1. You must be a U.S. Resident - Pentel will provide the prize and they will only ship to U.S. address, sorry all my international friends.

    2. You must go to Pentel's Recyology website section and check out the products, pick out what your favorite is or which one you would like to try

    3.  Come back leave a comment WITH YOUR EMAIL address and your pick in #2 on this blog.  

    3. You can get an extra entry by following Pentel and tweeting the following:  I am following @PentelofAmerica for a chance to win from @FPNOkami #PentelReycologyProducts (it wouldn't hurt to go Like them on Facebook too, but no extra entries there) 

    4.  All comments and tweets must be made by midnight US eastern daylight savings time on Saturday April 30.

    5. Two winners, THAT'S RIGHT - TWO winners,  will be announced on Sunday, May 1 on my blog.

    6.   If  you are the winner, and I do not already know you, and you not leave an email address I will choose another winner.

    Good Luck


    Anonymous said...

    I saw the perfect combination: the Hyper-G Gel Roller in the Recycology Desk Bin :) (would rather blue ink over black, but could compromise)

    range said...


    I'd like to try the Hyper-G Retractable Liquid Gel Pen. Sounds pretty cool. djrange at gmail dot com

    Jackie Flaherty said...

    HyperG Fineline for me, please! Love those fine lines. Thanks, Julie and Pentel!

    Jp in Ca said...

    Ooh, I'd love to try the HyperG Fine line. And we love the Jolt pencils - I've had to buy several packages already because my daughter takes them to school where they tend to wander off. :-)

    Adam said...

    That looks like a great line! PS love the description/name of your blog.

    Julie (O-kami) said...

    Hi Adam - tell me what you would like to try so that I can forward that on to Pentel. And thanks!

    ginigin said...

    Thanks for sharing info about recycled products. Didn't know their line was so extensive. I'd love to try the Tape n Glue. I didn't know the Slicci came in metallic. Will have to check them out too. Earth Day is my cat's birthday - do they have catnip flavored pens?? cooper at swva dot net

    JoniB said...

    Slicci for me! Black, red, blue, or green if color is a choice. Thanks for the giveaway! joni dot bowers at gmail dot com

    Molossus said...

    I'd love to try the HyperG Fine Line - KL255. Sandra Strait at

    downeastah said...

    I would like the HyperG Fine line for work, I think it would be perfect for the job

    downeastah said...


    cigar said...

    These are such a beautiful collection of pen and pencil. I am also using this companies pen and pencil.

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