Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pelikan 140

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Surprisingly for a fountain pen that was produced for so many years, I was unable to find much information about this specific model.  There is plenty of information about the Pelikan Fountain Pen company and it's early years available and I refer you to Rick Propas and his website The PENquin.  But with regard to this specific pen all I found was "Within a few years Pelikan also entered the market for low priced school pens with first the Rap-pen and then the Ibis, later to be followed by the 120, 140 and Pelikano."

The 140 was produced from 1952 through 1965.  It measures just under 5" capped, just over 4-1/2" uncapped and 5-3/4" posted.

The 140, like the majority of Pelikans, is a piston filler and has an ink window.  In this case it is "between the stripes" and this 140 has fairly good clarity.

There is some brassing on the cap band but it is minor, I don't get overly excited about brassing on a pen that is somewhere between 45 and 58 years old.

The highlight of this pen is the fine flexible nib, it writes like a dream.


peaceablewriter said...

The model student pen! Nice. Pelikan nibs are soooo sweet.

Surfbits said...

Julie, Can I ask you about what you paid for it or about what they are going for today?

Julie (O-kami) said...

Hi, I purchased this pen last fall for $85. Money well spent!

chris said...

Love that you love fountain pens - I'm of an age that learnt to write with pen & nib - you started out learning to write in copy books and some of us ended up with really nice writing (not all of course). Fountain pens are soooo elegant.

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