Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What's Poppin?

Less than two weeks ago, fellow blogger, AK, over at Notebook Loves Pen did a post on the new office supply brand, Poppin.  Poppin has shown up in a few spots around the web including Facebook.  

So after I read AK's post, I whipped off an email to Meredith Zenkel requesting one of their Write-Now notebooks and then promptly forgot about it.

Less than a week later this showed up on my doorstep:

Cute packaging, it made me smile, which is part of the marketing plan of Poppin which promises to change the way we work. 

From their info on Facebook:
Isn't it time to be HAPPY at work? Say hello to POPPIN.
This summer we’re launching an office supply company we think will change the way you work. By combining great design and affordable prices, Poppin gives you the chance to fix up your drab cubicle and turn it into a space that’s inspirational, more functional and much happier. 
And FYI, Poppin is not just another pretty face. We are also committed to providing you with any information that will make you work even happier. Whether it’s information on how to craft an exceptional presentation or an inside look at how top designers fashion their offices, you can find it here. 
Don’t worry we won’t do all of the talking… we’re actually really good listeners too. Show us that hilarious youTube video going around the office, tell us what info you need us to help you research, and ask us any questions you have about Poppin.  
We’re here to entertain, help out, and chat with you. So pop back soon!
Here are some photos of that notebook.

 The notebook has a softcover, red in this case and it has the required pocket in the back.

The inside cover has a spot for a title or project, your name and phone number and reward information.

The paper is nice, but a little thin for fountain pen users.  I really like the layout, each page has a place for a heading, page number, date or any other notes you might want to add.

Now the ink test.  The paper performed very well with all but the Carbon Black, which feathered a little.

However, there was some bleed through with the fountain pen inks and showthrough with all the pens except the ballpoint pen.

This is a very nice little notebook and since the majority of the world is not fountain pen users (yet), I am sure that it will be of use to many.  

Now, there's bad news and good news.  The good news is that 80% of the Poppin products will have price tags under $20 and their products come in great colors.  The bad news is that you have to wait until June.  

In the meantime, head to their website and sign up for an invitation and check out the posts about them on Office Supplies Junkie, Woodclinched and Fortune Magazine.


i am the diva said...

so cute!! my one concern would be how much packaging (albeit adorable) there was for one notebook. i just started using a fountain pen, and i love it...

Julie (O-kami) said...

I know, but it may be the smalled they have - wonderfully recycleable though in many ways

stART said...

I can see saving the bubble packs and making them into little pockets, envelopes, clutch bags...

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