Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Book Bandi

Ok, so just exactly what is a Book Bandi??

Well, the Book Bandi is an ingenious set of elastic bands that can serve as bookmark, pen holder and hold your book or journal closed all in one simple product.  Additionally, it can be as generic or as individual as you are: check out their available designs and colors.

Book Bandi sent me two sizes to test out, medium (blue) and large (PawPrint).  They comfortably fit my hard back book and my sketchbook.  You can also hold a slim pen with the label sewn on the Bandi.  My Pitt pens and my Pentel Brush pen fit nicely.

Lastly the Book Bandi is reasonably priced. $5.99 for XS, S and M.  $6.99 for L and XL.  I would really love to see these readily available at my local bookstore.  They will make great stocking stuffers come Christmas.  

I highly recommend that you buy several and share them with your friends.

EDIT:  I have come to like these so much that I just purchased five to share with family and friends.  You'll never need another bookmark!!


stART said...

Fabulous! Thanks for getting the word out about these - they're a great and practical idea!

theHyperMonkey said...

How nifty! Just what I need for my sketchbooks! thanks!

hilary said...

Love the paw print one. I bet these will not be available in the UK; sigh

Book Bandi said...

Book Bandi said...

Thanks for reviewing our product! Glad you like it, and as a thank you to Okami-Whatever Readers. Here is a coupon to get a 15% discount off your first purchase!

Coupon Code: friendsofbookbandi

Book Bandi Crew

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