Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Edison Pearl

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Edision Pen Company photo
This Edison Pearl is my second pen made by Brian Gray of the Edison Pen Company.  I have found this pen to be difficult to photo, so I borrowed a few of Brian's in addition to my own.  My other is an Edison Huron Bulb Filler, which I previously reviewed on this blog.

A few things have changed since I purchased that Huron so many years months ago.  Brian now has some pens in "inventory" so if you see one you like or prefer not to wait for a custom pen, you may order any "in stock" model. 

I had been testing out his new Mina models and although I really like them, I met Brian in NYC and checked out the Pearl while I was there.  That was the model that I really liked, next to my Huron, of course.

Edison Pen Company Photo

I checked out Brian's inventory and saw this pen.  I was intrigued by the engraving in the cap and the body, it was just so, well, different.  I emailed Brian for the price, then I debated and looked at the photo some more and finally I caved in and ordered it.  I have no regrets, I have come to adore this pen.

Here are the specifications for the Edison Pearl from the Edison Pen Company website:

Weight w/ Cap
Weight w/o Cap
Cap Diameter
Body Diamater
Length Capped
5 3/8"
Length Uncapped

As you know, I generally like to give you background on the company that makes the pens that I feature here, but when I went to the Edison Pen Company website I discovered that Brian doesn't have an "about" page (Brian, you really need to fix that).  Anyway, I emailed him with a few questions, here they are with his answers:

When did you start the company?
 I've been making pens off and on for 12 years.  I got serious about it probably 7-8 years ago.  I've been full time for the last 3-4. 
How did you get into fountain pens? 
I used to make pens from kits.  These kits had options for fountain nibs.  The nibs were not good quality, but they still got me interested.  I bought a Pilot Vanishing Point, and a Lamy Studio, and those nibs were much better, but not perfect out of the box..  I started reading online about how to better tune nibs, and once I got the VP and Studio tuned to perfection, I was hooked.  
How did you get into making fountain pens? 
The kit pens were kind of boring for me.  They were all the same, and no real way to make something that was truly different from everyone else that was making kit pens.  You can have some variability here and there, but using any part from a kit pen still keeps you within the limits of the diameter, length, or specifications of that part or set of parts.  I couldn't create what was really in my head.  So I decided that if I couldn't manufacture my own parts, then I wouldn't bother.  I set my mind to it, and it all went from there. 
What was the first model you offered? 
The first models that I offered were the Beaumont and Menlo.  These were basically pens made from a few kit parts.  When I introduced the Pearl, this pen was made with no parts that were not manufactured by me except the nib and feed.  So when this happened, I discontinued the Beaumont and Menlo, and started adding other pens where I was manufacturing everything (Herald, Glenmont, #76, etc).  The Beaumont and Menlo might re-appear someday, but it will be a variation of the originals, and I'll be manufacturing every part.

Thanks, Brian, for sharing this background.

I know that it is a little difficult to tell in this photo, but this pen has a nib that is a little unique.  It is an 18kt dual tone F nib.  Brian does not generally offer the dual tone nib in 18kt, but at the time I ordered this pen he did not have any in rhodium nibs available, so I got a dual tone.  

I love this F nib.  My Huron has an 18kt stub, which I also love but it's really nice to have an different nib option and I find that I really like the F.  It's funny, my nib preference seems to run to F or stub, italic - no M's and no B's.

Here is a writing sample with this nib and a comparison with the nibs in some other pens.


Brian Gray said...

Thanks for posting!

simplytrece said...

You are Satan, trying to get us all to mortgage our lives for pens and ink!!!

Mona said...

Beautiful pen!!!

KjM said...

I truly have to stop coming here to read about fountain pens :-)

I've already outgrown the pen case I have - by a country mile! Now I'm going to have to check out Brian's site.

This is a beautiful pen - though I still lust after the Nakaya.

Too many pens, not enough time - and not nearly enough money. Sigh.

phonelady said...

Yep Julie it is official you are a pen geek . LOL !!!

Let us learn to show our friendship for a man when he is alive and not after he is dead."
— F. Scott Fitzgerald (The Great Gatsby)

chkuo said...

Congrats on the nice pen, the engraving is quite eye catching! I really enjoy my Pearl as well. :)

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