Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Nakaya Piccolo heki tamenuri

From the Nakaya website:

Welcome to Nakaya, your handmade fountain pen shop introducing some of the finest Japanese nib craftsmen in the world.

Each one of our craftsmen worked for Platinum Pen Company for more than 40 years and is now retired.
All are masters of the fountain pen manufacturing process.

For years the great Platinum factory craftsmen have put on "traveling clinics"at many large department stores and fountain pen shops all over Japan.
Their pens were available only through mail order.

After years of planning and conducting pen shows, we decided to launch our website and show the world our handmade fountain pen craftsmanship.
As for the name of ' NAKAYA FOUNTAIN PEN',         
The name NAKAYA is the original name given to
Platinum Pen Company when it was founded in 1919.
The name NAKAYA represents the utmost in quality.

Our mission is to design a perfect pen
for your hand and for your hand only.
Each person writes differently and
with our site we hope to enlighten you to the
wonders and glories of fountain pen writing,
and personalized designing. 

Yes, you've seen this pen on the blog previously, but at that time I had just acquired it and all I really did was show you it's beautiful face.  With this post I will try to provide a little more.

What is the appeal of a Nakaya and is it worth the cost?  The short answer?  Nakaya is a handmade pen and yes!

The pen masters at Nakaya are all veterans from the Platinum pen company and have tons of years (40+ each) of experience.  

Also from the Nakaya website:

What is a handmade fountain pen?

There are at least 150 steps in the creation process of a handmade fountain pen.
If we add the surface finishing and decorating processes such as iron plate and armite it goes up to over 300 steps. Fountain pens are made through all these steps and when the final adjustment of nib is done by hand of the master, they are called "handmade fountain pens". 


At NAKAYA we do not call it "handmade" if only the nib is adjusted.
It is true that adjustment of the nib is the most important part of the process for perfect writing quality, however, this adjustment of the nib will cause a slight change in the total form of the nib and the fitting balance with the nib feed.

There are a wide variety of styles available and every pen lover will most certainly find one that fits them.  This pen has retained a permanent place in my pen rotation since I acquired it this past fall and I do not see that changing anytime in the near future.


Bleets said...

Beautiful, beautiful fountain pen. As the Japanese would say, "Urayamashii!" (I'm envious.) Hope things are good with you over there in the west.
Thanks for an excellent post.

Gentian said...

It's so beautiful.

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Stephanie said...

Those pictures are beautiful. :) I bet it really is a treat of a pen.

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