Friday, June 24, 2011

Banditapple Carnet Winners!

Heather said...These look like interesting notebooks... I'd love to win one.

Bridgett said...The ruled handy would be awesome! I'm not an artist so I almost never have a need for a blank page.

Stephanie said...watercolor! :D I love notebooks of all kinds. btw, I need to send you my new address... perhaps this afternoon will find me at a post office, picking up cool "I've moved" postcards. If they even have them. If this comment wins I would prefer the blank one, in fact.
Stephanie will receive the blank notebook, Bridgett will recieve the ruled Handy size and Heather the ruled Peewee size.  I've sent you all emails so you have 3 days to get back to me with your addresses.

Trece asked about the quotes that I had written in my notebook for the review, so here you go, Trece.

The list of How to Be An Explorer of the World is from the book of the same name by Keri Smith.

33 Ways to Stay Creative can be found all over the internet, I could note find anything to attribute it to an original author.

The final quote about nightmares and dreams can be found here at The Elusive Muse.  I again do not know the origination but assume that it is by the young lady who created the design.

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Stephanie said...

So cool! Thanks!!

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