Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Daycraft: New Additions!!

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Daycraft has just launched two new series called "Illusion" and "Skinz".  It is unfortunate that they are not listed on their website yet, however they provided me with a print copy of their 2012 catalog, so I will try to give you all the pertinent info.

First up are the Illusion notebooks.  These notebooks come in two sizes (A5 and A4) and each size comes in 4 different optical illusion designs.  They contain 176 pages of lined white 100g paper, have a flexible paper cover and a back pocket.

The paper performed very well with every pen that I threw at it, there was no feathering and show through only with a couple of the fountain pens.

I really like the covers on the new "Skinz" notebooks.  These notebooks only come in one size, 102mm x 146mm.  The cover is fine Italian PU, which I discovered is leather coated with polyurethane.    They both contain 128 pages of 100 gsm lined paper, the notebook on the left has white paper, while the one on the right has cream.

This paper did not do as well in the fountain pen test, no feathering but quite a bit of show through. But you know, that's ok, not every notebook has to stand up to these tests, because not everyone uses fountain pens. Both of these notebooks come with tattoo stickers.

These notebooks are a great size and I really like the covers.  With the tattoo designs, I'm sure that the target market is a little younger, so they probably will not be as concerned with fountain pen friendliness.

In addition to these, the 2012 catalog has a couple of great looking notebooks that I have not seen before: the Signature Gutenberg Notebook which is the same as their Signature Notebook except that the cover has cool embossing of the alphabet and numbers; the Astrology Notebook, which has the constellation corresponding to the signs of the Zodiac on the front in Swarovski crystals - this is a really neat looking notebook, that I would LOVE to see in person (ahem, I'm a Scorpio, BTW).

Lastly, although you will NOT find Daycraft products in the local stationary or bookstore, they do have a US distributor now. So if you are interested in purchasing any of their products contact Mr. Andrew Oentojo at Star Imports: starimport[dot]andrew[at]gmail[dot]com.

You can also find DayCraft at VeraChan.

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