Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Heron Dance Notecards

Thanks to a wonderful post, by Jackie, over at Letters and Journals, I discovered Heron Dance notecards. I adore dragonflies and although I did not find the exact card in her post I did discover the Dragonfly of Happiness.

To me there is something ethereal about dragonflies, I love to watch them play and land and just do dragonfly things.  I think that Mr. MacIver has done a wonderful job catching the essence of the dragonfly.

And then there is this amazing butterfly called Deep Purple.  His use of color is just wonderful and these photos do not do these cards justice.  The icing on the cake is that both sets of cards are very fountain pen friendly and although I noticed that the Deep Purple cards are not currently listed on the site, the Dragonfly of Happiness is available (as of the date this was posted), set of 10 - 5"x7" cards and envelopes for $15.  These cards truly are frame worthy.

While you are there be sure to browse the rest of the site as there is much to see. Additionaly, I purchased the book Art as a Way of Life edited by Roderick MacIver and gorgeously illustrated with his watercolors.

I noticed that it is not listed on the Heron Dance website at this time, but it can be purchased here at North Atlantic Books.  You may also find a selection of his books at Better World Books and books and notecards at Amazon.


Stephanie said...

I think there is not enough watercolor in the world. These are so gorgeous.

SheilaM said...

Lovely! Thanks for the heads up; I'm always looking for new and different items like this!

Trece said...

Lovely post! Photos are excellent.

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