Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Moleskine Passions Dog Journal

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Above photo from the Moleskine website

Okay, I admit it - I have a passion for pens, notebooks and animals - or in this case, our dogs.  So when Moleskine introduced their Passions line I had to have the Dog Journal, although I don't know that I'll ever write in it.  Perhaps if we ever get another dog, or if a friend acquires a new dog perhaps I'll pass it along as a gift. 
I love the cover of this notebook, with all the dogs embossed onto it.  I wish that I could get a plain journal with this cover.  The journal is very well organized and laid out, but it really is designed for your dog's life from beginning to end.  Our Akitas are 7 and 8, a little late to start a baby book for them, because that is truly what this is.

From the Moleskine website:

Inside are 240 pages split into 10 tabbed sections to record and recall useful information about your furry friends. The first 5 sections are themed: Getting Ready, Personality, Dog Log, Travelling and Care. These themed sections are pre-formatted to help quickly record and locate important information on topics, such as a particular veterinarian, grooming schedule, breeder, and lots more! The second 5 tabs have been left blank to customize. In addition, 202 adhesive stickers are located in the two accordion pockets attached to the rear of the book to assist with personalizing the journal.

 The first part of the journal contains a listing of common dog breeds, these are organized based upon dog groups, i.e. hounds, terriers, working, utility, etc.

The next portion of the journal is divided into five sections: Getting Ready, Personality, Dog Log, Travelling and Care.  

Getting Ready contains space for book references, breeders, websites, choosing a name, checklist for needed puppy supplies and other useful names and addresses; i.e. vets, trainers.

Personality has a place for your puppy's date of birth, name, gender, breed, pedigree information, distinctive features and lots of notes on everything from behavior and habits to friends (so you can plan those playdates). In addition, there is a section for Special Moments which includes a place for a photo or drawing and room to record your notes (in the case of an Akita that might be when the ears go up).

Dog Log provides space to record weight, eating habits, food likes and dislikes, walk recording and expenses.

Travelling provides a space for a checklist of items you will need if you travel with your furry buddy and also reminders of things, like she gets car sick if you put her alone in the back seat (my mom's dog, she has to sit in mom's lap) or he has to have that special squeaky toy.  There is also a place to plan an itinerary with dog friendly places along the way.

Lastly Care provides space to record all vaccination records and separate space to make not of any illnesses.

This journal has three ribbons since you will most likely be recording items in a number of sections at once.

This journal has four unnamed tabbed sections for you to make notes, save photos, drawings, you could create your own categories or use some of the supplied labels.

Last but not least the expected back pocket, but in this case a divided pocket.  I can think of many uses for this. 

I acquired my Passions Journal from Journaling Arts, Cynthia is always a pleasure to deal with.  The paper in this journal is typical of a regular Moleskine journal.  Thin and probably not very fountain pen friendly so I would probably use a good ball point or roller ball.

There are currently twelve different Passions Journals available covering everything from babies to wine, I'm sure that there is one out there for you or for a gift.


Molossus said...

I looked long and hard at both this and the cat journal. *sigh* I was strong (this time) and passed by. Maybe one of these days!

Penemuel said...

Wow - that's pretty darned awesome... I'm very tempted to get one of the cat ones (for future use, when we get another cat...) and one of the travel ones. I hadn't realized what was in these -- thanks so much for the review!

kp said...

Thank you for a very thorough review of this journal! I didn't know that they offered a dog journal, and would love to get one to fill with great stuff about my dog. =) I think what has prevented me from purchasing anything in this line from Moleskine is that you can't see what's in the inside. The photos online are brief, not very descriptive, and difficult to view. I've often thought of indulging in the movie journal, because I am a serious movie buff, but always held off because I never knew if I would love it once I took the plastic wrapping off. I really appreciate your including detailed photos of this journal!

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