Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Pen Collectors of America

Who exactly are the Pen Collectors of America and why should you join?  

You have recently discovered the world and wonder of fountain pens, you've joined the Fountain Pen Network and have immersed yourself in fountain pens and ink.  You ask, now what? 

IMHO, the answer is the Pen Collectors of America.  What better next step than to learn about the history of those writing instruments that we so love and become part of an organization dedicated to the use of writing instruments?  This is also a wonderful way to promote your new love to others.

PCA Mission

Our organization exists to foster and maintain the integrity of pen collecting, promote the use of fountain pens, encourage and promote effective education, communications and understanding between all collectors, and define pen collecting as an international hobby. Members are interested in the history, manufacture and use of writing instruments. We strive to develop a spirit of camaraderie among the pen collecting community.

So why should you become a member? Here are the reasons sited on the PCA website:

The Pennant
As a member, you receive our highly acclaimed magazine, the PENNANT, published three times a year and featuring in-depth articles about the history and restoration of pens, about modern pens, information about Internet sites, letters to the editor, reviews of pen reference books, information about local clubs and more.

The PCA Library
The PCA maintains the world's largest library of pen company catalogues, repair manuals, articles, advertising materials, and other ephemera.  A listing of the archived material is sent to all members, who may then order reprints at a nominal charge.   

A few years ago, the PCA Board decided to investigate how to get fountain pens into the hands of children. If fountain pens are to survive in today's high tech world, it will be because we have taken the time to share our love of pens with young writers.  Pens for young users are available at all pen shows.


Let me add a few observations.  The Pennant and the PCA Library are great and everything can be downloaded from the website, if you are a member (which I am).  The resource materials are invaluable if you would like to research a particular pen or perhaps a particular filling system.  I have used the Library many times when doing posts for this blog.

Pens for Kids is a educational program designed to get kids involved.  With the decline in the use of writing instruments and more and more schools terminating the teaching of handwriting, it is up to us to engage young people and hopefully teach them the importance of writing by hand.

The workshops are designed to engage the kids on their level, fostering an interest in pens and pen collecting in the next generation. The PFK workshops also stress the importance of handwriting and personal expression in communication.  Each child is given a fountain pen to use during the workshop and then to take home.  If you are a PCA member and are attending a show and would like to facilitate, please contact Allan Quiat.  Remember, that kids are the future and pens have no future if there is no one out there to use them.

PCA also has a prominent role in the Smithsonian's National Postal Museum. I have not had a chance to visit DC and the new Postal Museum yet but I hope to get there in the near future.  Who knows, mayble I'll even be able to schedule it around the DC Supershow.

Ok, so what am I asking?  

Two things -

#1 become a member, it really is very inexpensive, $40 for one year or $105 for three years.  The group depends upon your membership.  

#2 get involved, write an article, facilitate a PFK workshop, share your love of writing instruments with others.

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