Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I'm afraid this is just a teaser

This is the newest addition to my stable.  Unfortunately, due to a heavy load at the job that pays for the toys, I just have not had time to compose a proper post.  Also, since I've just received it I'm still breaking it in.

A little info, this is a Densho Kuro Keshi model with an EF flex nib - or Recession Urushi.  Kuro means black, but I do not know what the translation of keshi would be (maybe someone can help).

The pen was acquired from Kevin Cheng aka Winedoc of Internet Pens.  Kevin is also OperaDoc on eBay. The transaction was smooth and professional and Kevin is a joy to work with.


Gentian said...

You found one! You must have been so excited! :D

ginigin said...

Oh, you're killing me. XF flex, I can't wait to see how it writes. Wish he had more! Hope you can write more about it soon (or reply with it). Congrats!

Economy Pens said...

Oh my. I would love to load that one up with a bunch of different inks. I'm jealous.

Please try to review it before the October Carnival of Pen, Pencil and Paper and submit it before October 2nd.

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