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365 Things to Write About!

My sincerest apologies to Allegra Newman and Peter Trauth, for my tardiness with this post.  Allegra contacted me in August and sent me this book for review.  Unfortunately, it ended up buried under a pile of papers on my desk and I proceeded about my business - for that I am very sorry.

Once of the cool things about this book is that from August 1,2011 through October 31,2011, 100% of the authors' royalties from the sales will be donated to the Los Angeles Fund for Public Education, I know that you know someone who might like this book and you'll be helping kids just by buying it. Since this is just the first part of October, if you buy your copy before October 31, you still have plenty of time assist with the generosity of the authors. (Get your Christmas shopping done early).

The format of this book is very simple, and the book itself is very low-key.  It is softcover and measures 9.2 by 7.5 inches.   Big enough that you shouldn't misplace it (a-hem) and small enough to throw in a backpack, messenger bag or briefcase.

It contains 368 blank, lined pages with a word or short phrase at the top of each page.  And that is it!  So, what's the point you ask - well it is a writing, creativity tool and the words (phrases) are prompts.  There is one for every day of the year and they are in alphabetical order beginning with 24-hour diner, Abundance and an Airplane and progressing through to a Crush, Leprechaun, Paris and a Zoo.

There is a blog: and there is a Facebook Page:365 Things to Write About. So using this book can be a simple as just writing in it, or you can join the community of this book and share how you are using it and also see what others are doing. Start your own blog and post your daily writing for the next year or your child's (now that sounds cool, please let me know if you do that).

But how you use this book is really up to you.  You could start at page one and progress in a orderly manner or just open to a random page.  Write a poem, prose, history or fiction about the topic or incorporate the word or term into your story.  Write a news story or an ad - check out some of the posts on the blog for some of the things that have been written using the prompts.

Personally, I envision this book as a gift to a young writer to encourage their imagination.

About the authors: (from the Media Release included with the book):
Allegra Newman is currently a production coordinator at the HUB network in Burbank, CA.  before crossing over to live-action and animation, she was a story producer on prime-time reality shows, including FOX's Trading Spouses and Kitchen Nightmares, and NBC's hit game show Deal or No Deal.
Peter Trauth is the President of Nirvana Home Entertainment, a Los Angeles-based company that specializes in design, installation and service of home entertainment systems.  He is also a member of the band, Mavin, which recently  had a song featured in the move Soul Surfer.
The list price of this book is $14.95 but it is available at Amazon for $10.76 and don't forget - you'll be supporting education.  Or pick it up with free shipping (worldwide) from Better World Books for $13.98 and support world literacy at the same time (I really want to encourage you to buy from Better World Books when you buy books online, it's a wonderful way to help).

I write, in my journal, but I'm not very good at creative writing and I would love to see this book in the hands of a child or writer who is looking for a good creative writing workbook.  So, I'm giving away this copy to one of you, my wonderful readers.

Please read the rules:

1.  You must be a regular follower of my blog, either through Google, email or an RSS feed. Please just be honest and don't enter if you are not a regular follower.  You may be a new follower but I'm trusting you on this (no Blog Police will be involved).

2.  Please leave an email address in your comment, I need a way to notify you if you are the winner.  If I don't know how to reach you, you will have 7 days from the announcement of the winner to contact me.

3.  You do NOT need to be a U.S. resident, I am thrilled to recognize my International readers as well and will ship worldwide.

Leave a comment no later that midnight on Friday, October 14, and tell me now you envision using this book. Are you going to use it yourself and you going to give it to your spouse, a child?  Prose, poetry? I'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas about using it. 

Good Luck! 



I get both email and the blogs I follow on my blog.

I will use this in tandem with my therapist. She assigns me homework from time to time. She always wants to know if/what I am writing. Some of the material I have shared with her. Occasionally, it is universal enough that permission for her to share with others is given. The book seems like a good format for this kind of activity :)

Email addy =


Oh, thanks for the BWB info. I just placed an order with them :) I don't use the big A unless absolutely necessary.

Trece said...

What a marvelous way to ensure that one is actually working!! I envision sharing this with DD24 as a source for writing or art journaling prompts. With enough pages in it to write IN the book, either one of us can take it wherever we go!!
You know I'm stalking you!!
trecewrites at yahoo dot com

laurie said...

I am a follower of yours! Sounds like a great way to escape from life. I "try" to write and keep journals of different things but my intentions always seems better than my actions. Maybe this will help :)

azyzl said...

As a writer this would be so helpful!

wingedpaintbrush [at] yahoo [dot] com

Trekkie said...

Hey, I've been following ever since I found links to your site on The Pen Addict! I would love to try out this book; I'm a fiction writer hoping to be published soon and am always looking for new ways to find inspiration!

Emily said...

Hi! i am a follower! i would use this for my writing purposes and show this to my creative writing teacher for new ideas


ginigin said...

I know a young lady who is learning to journal and this would be perfect for her. So I'm entering for her. Neat idea. Remind me to tell you about a journal idea I have in next letter.

calculi said...

I am a regular follower of this blog for quite a long time. :-)

I'll use this notebook to document what I learn everyday anew. Being a PhD student, it is quite important and useful for me.

Email: calculi [at] gmail [dot] com said...

I'm with you on Better World Books - I've even stopped linking people to Amazon copies from my blog because I want to show how easy and positive it is to use BWB.

I think I would give this to my husband. He's been slowly dipping his toe in the water of journalling and exploring the benefits of it, but he hasn't really branched out into "what do I REALLY think" type topics yet, it's been more factual. I think this looks like a great tool to really loosen people's minds up but in a way that's not intimidating and still gives structure.

Molossus said...

Hmmm. I would have sworn I'd already commented. How early in life the mind begins to go.

Now, if I have commented already, thus disqualifying myself by commenting again, I'll really be confooosed!

Molossus said...

...and this time I forgot to leave my email.

Oh well. It isn't like I haven't won enough lately (though it has been at least 3 weeks since last I won! Withdrawal!)

Danielle Villano said...

How wonderful! I follow your blog via GFC. I'm a creative writing major and I'd love to own this book to keep the creative juices flowing :)


JoniB said...

This would be a great way to get me back into writing practice. Count me in!

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