Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Lost Crates

So just what is Lost Crates?

I've been reading lots of posts about them and I contacted them and asked if I might review one of the "crates".  Pocket Blonde has reviewed a couple of these "crates" and I was very much intrigued by her reviews.

It really is a very simple concept, you take a basic "personality" quiz, sign up and by the 15th of the next month you receive your "crate" containing various office supply goodies.  Notebooks, pens, accessories. 

The hook is that you're never really sure what you might receive, which is really the fun of it.  It's like Christmas comes every month. 

The cost is $38 per month, which seems a little steep, at first, but the total cost of what was contained in my crate would have been $45 - $50 USD before shipping, so you really are getting a deal.

Also, there is no long term committment, if you don't like what you are getting, you can redo your quiz or just cancel your membership at any time.  You really don't have anything to lose.

The crate comes via AIR MAIL (aka UPS) and mine contained the following:

All of these items are available online (or potentially at local retailers) with the exception of the Conceptum Notebook.  I found only one North American source (in Canada) and they only seemed to have the black cover notebook.  This notebook measures 130 x 200 mm, approximately 5-1/4" by 7-3/4".

This notebook has a lot of great features: archive compartment inside frontcover and a pocket in the back cover, a table of contents, two ribbon markers, numbered pages and the last 20 pages are perforated for tear out.

The paper is fairly fountain pen friendly, a lot of show through but the only bleedthrough was with the XF nib.

I'm going to defer over to NoteBookLovesPen for a more detailed review, since she used a Conceptum Notebook for almost a year, I'll revisit this one when it is more "used" to give you better feedback.

In the meantime, I have signed up for Lost Crates monthly service and I suggest that you do the same.  This would be a wonderful Christmas present for the office supplies lover in the family, just sign up by the 15th of November to receive the first Crate before Christmas.


Shangching said...

Julie: Thank you for an insightful review on the Lost Crate. I have meandered at that site so many times, and quickly close the window as if it never existed. Very tempting arrangement. Perhaps I can arrange for a Santa delivery earlier this Christmas :)


Thanks for the 411, especially the shipping method. Alas, I cannot receive deliveries on site due to security issues. FedEx has the FedEx office locations as an alternative, but UPS doesn't. Fortunately, most vendors can use my USPS Box.

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