Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Franklin-Christoph Penvelope 6

From the Franklin-Christoph Website
I always learn a lot when I do research for a blogpost.  Sometimes I am simply educated, other times I am amazed or stunned.  This was one of the times I was amazed.

I am familiar with the Franklin-Christoph line of pens and accessories, and I have even participated in their poetry contests (just for the fun of it).  But I learned some rather amazing things about this company when I started the research for this post.

The first of those things is that Franklin-Christoph is a sister company of Pen City, which is located in Blairsville, Georgia.

I've always been amused by the fact that Pen City is located in Blairsville.  We used to rent a cabin and vacation in the Blairsville area with The Akitas, Round 1. Blairsville, is a small (population: 715 in 2009) rural town in Union County, Georgia, in the heart of the Chattahoochee National Forest and the Blue Ridge Mountains.  It is located approximately 100 miles north of Atlanta.  Back when we used to visit I had no idea that Pen City was here.

But I digress. Franklin-Christoph, which dates back to 1901, is currently located in North Carolina and headed by S.C. Franklin, the son of L.H. Franklin II, who is the head of Pen City.  The other piece of noteworthy information is that the Franklins are descendents of John Franklin I, the brother of Benjamin Franklin.  You can read the entire history of the company on their website, I had no idea that this company had such a long and colorful lineage.

Recently I have been using a wonderful leather pen wrap made by Libelle. But it only holds 5 pens. I have 5 that I always carry (plus the other 50 or so which reside in my pen cabinet) but I have a new acquisition which will arrive in early December, so I really wanted a case that would hold 6. In addition, the pen wrap has a tendency to sink to the bottom of my bag and lay sideways or get turned upside down.

I had previously seen the Lucky 13 Penvelope, so I trotted on over to the website and BEHOLD...

The P6.


Back with Franklin-Christoph logo tastefully displayed

Lovely red cloth interior

The color I chose is Boot Brown. I specifically chose this leather for the "damage" that you see to it's surface. This leather is matte and get's scuffed with use, in my opinion this adds a ton of character to the case. But if you do not like the idea of scuffs and scratches, the P6 is also available in Croc Print Brown, Classic Black and Burgundy.

As I said, I carry 5 pens all the time.  If you can't figure out what they are, from left to right, Visconti Homo Sapiens, Edison Huron, (currently holding the open slot - Stipula Vedo), Edison Pearl, Nakaya Piccolo and Danitrio Densho.  I'll do a feature on the new pen that will fill that empty spot when it arrives.

I love this case for a number of reasons, may of which may be obvious. It's beautiful.  Each pen has an individual, very well padded slot. The entire case is well padded, so the pens are very well protected. The magnetic snap is very secure. It holds large pens, like the Danitrio very well. It fits nicely into my Tom Bihn bag and remains upright.

Lastly, the way it is constructed, I can slip my Danitrio polishing cloth into the front of the case, so I always have it with be and I always know where it is.


KjM said...

What a beautiful case - made all the better for the pens it'll keep safe.

I agree with your comment about the the scuffs adding character to the leather. I have a wonderfully soft leather (black) casing for my notepads. Over the years it's been marked and has faded in some areas due to California sun. But that just shows it's with me all the time, and is being used.

I carry 4 pens with me every day. 3 in a small wooden case/stand (right now my two Aurora Optimas - red and greed and one of my Pilot Vanishing Points). The 4th is my Edison Urushi Herald, in its own single leather, padded holder. I've been using it every day since it arrived from Edison.

The wooden stand doesn't accommodate some of my pens - the Homo Sapiens, the Aurora Europa and a couple of others - they're too wide. Maybe I should look into something like this case.

I also love the history of these companies.

JustDaveyB said...

No! That pen case is beautiful, way too tempting and they ship to Australia...

Gentian said...

Wow it's beautiful! Now I want one :D

Cryptowolf said...

Thanks in part to your review (and the fellows over at FPGeeks), I picked up the same penvelope today. I'm sure it will serve me well.

Would you possibly post a follow-up with new pictures? I love to see fine leather age through gentle use.

Julie (O-kami) said...


I would be happy to do that - I'll put it on my list!

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