Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Lost Crates November

Don't you think that this Lost Crate has a fall look??

So, let's go through what I received this month.  

Platinum Preppy 03 fountain pen and to extra refill cartridges.  I love the Platinum Preppy, they are wonderful, inexpensive fountain pens and I use them regularly for my art.  I convert them it eyedroppers and fill them with Carbon pigmented ink, which I don't want to put into a good fountain pen.  Because they are inexpensive I don't worry about them being damaged or lost (although I have to admit to getting upset the one time that I lost one).

Ecosystem Author Journal. I previously reviewed the Ecosystem Sketchbook and I love them so much that I have two currently being used and two sitting unopened. The Ecosystem journals have lots of good things going for them, just one of which is the wonderful colors that they come it.  This one is Clementine, which happens to be a color that I did not have.  The Sketchbooks I have are Black, Watermelon (2) and Lagoon.  So this color is a nice addition.  This is a hardcover notebook with a marker ribbon and a pocket inside the back cover. The paper is 100% post-consumer recycled, 240 pages and totally fountain pen friendly.  I had no problem with feathering, showthrough or bleedthrough.

Two 3" x 5",  Pop Ink Memo Books Jax & Chill + Op-Tickle.The unlined paper is very good quality and is fountain pen friendly. The paper manufactured with 100% green hydropower and no petroleum products by the French Paper Company in Niles, Michigan, USA. 

Field Notes "County Fair" Florida Edition. These notebooks have interesting factual information about the State on the back cover. Did you know that Floirda's State Soil is Myakka?  I didn't even know that Myakka was a soil, I thought it was a town and a river. Heck, I didn't know that there was such a thing as a "State Soil". I have always really wanted to like the Field Notes books, but like the Moleskine I have always been disappointed with the performance of the paper with fountain pens. The paper is Finch Opaque Smooth 50#. The size of these notebooks is really great for pocket or purse, so they would be wonderful gifts for your non fountain pen using friends and family or for the glovebox (although for me the Rhodia #11 generally serves that purpose).

Lastly, my favorite part of this Crate. The Eco Staple Free Stapler. My office (the job that pays for the pens) went (mostly) paperless a number of years ago and because we scan everything we are not allowed to use staples. I have since gotten into the habit of using paper clips on everything, which I hate. They get thrown away and I'm always hunting for one, so this little stapler is wonderful and I have already used it at least a dozen times since it arrived. I am happy to have and use this product.

That's the Crate for this month, I'll take a look at the December Crate when it arrives, sometime around the 10th of December.


Lisa said...

I signed up for lost crates based on your blog. I received my first package this month and I love mine. I received a pencil case in lieu of stapler and my Field Notes was for Oregon (I live in Oregon). My friend mentioned this would be a much better gift than fruit of the month or other such subscription service.

Stephanie said...

Ooh, a stapleless stapler... I've always thought those seem like a wonderful idea. Then you don't have to tear apart staples when you're ready to recycle the paper, too.

Really, all of those things are pretty amazing. Fun crate!

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