Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Renaissance Art's Creative Genius Patch Design Journal

I have been to the Renaissance Arts website many, many times over the years, always drooling over the beautiful journals and lovely leathers.  But I never quite convinced myself to purchase one, what a big mistake on my part.

I absolutely adore this "kid's" journal that Arthur sent to me for review and I carry it will me every day. Believe me when I tell you that kids and adults alike, will love this journal or any of the others available on the website (on yeah, the holidays are coming soon, aren't they?)

If you read my blog regularly, you will remember my review a few weeks ago about the paper which is available.Be sure to check it out, before you place your order (because I know that you will and you should).

This particular journal is called the Patch Design Kids Refillable Journal and actually contains three, 40 page journal refills, for a total of 120 pages.  This journal is very unique in that each 40 page section is individually removable so that you can replace them separately, use each section for a unique purpose or whatever other combination you might have in mind. Each section also has it's own bookmark, with a very cool little bead at the end.

The sections are held by a cord, the same material as the bookmark, which tightens by pulling on the bead which decorates the loose end.

This journal has a patchwork cover, the pieces of which is firmly stitched to a solid piece of leather to form the cover.  The cover also has pockets inside the front and the back to hold those all important notes and other pieces of ephemera that you collect during the day.

The journal measures 7 by 5-1/2 and the refills measure 6-1/2 by 4-3/4.  The pages lay fairly flat when the journal is open, but if you prefer the pages perfectly flat you can pull the refill out and write, sketch, paint in it out of the cover.

The refill paper is Arches Text Wove and it takes all fountain pen it, pen, pencil and even watercolor with ease.  There is no feathering, no bleedthrough and no showthrough.  The paper also takes watercolor was very well with little or no buckling.

When you decide to order a journal, please click on the badge in my sidebar. I will receive a small commission if you order using it, thanks. You won't regret the purchase.


Molossus said...

Thank you for the review! Another item for the wish list!

Trece said...

Lovely work shown in a very tasty journal!!
Guess who got mail today??!!

Firstoption said...

Very attractive posting, thank you for your reviews and your great Designs and posting.

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