Sunday, December 11, 2011

Never Ending Project and DayCraft Winners!

If you did not see Wednesday's post A Never Ending Project, you might want to take a peak.Then you'll understand these photos.

Yes, I cleaned my desks.

Are they spotless?  Heck, no! This is a workspace, but I sure threw out a ton of stuff and I can actually find things now (unless they got put away and I don't remember where).

On with what you are really interested in, the drawing for the DayCraft Notebooks. Let me explain my methodology.  There were 42 comments, however 2 were duplicates and 1 did not want to enter, that leave us with 39.  Using the infamous, random number generator I chose 6 winners, numbered 1 - 39 based on the order of the comments.  I also ordered the journals and the chose a number 1-6, 1-5, 1-4, etc until they were assigned to the winners.

So the winners are:

Slab Journal -  Economy Pens

Doodling Prohibited - Claire

White Gutenberg Notebook - Arleigh

Illusions Notebook - pupton

Make My Day Notebook -Azizah

Signature Notebook - Suzanne


I have sent an email to all the winners, please respond with your mailing address so that I can send you your notebooks and thank you for reading!!


Peninkcillin said...

Love the office and the 3x monitors! Always appreciate a fellow PC-user.

Rori said...

Congratulations to the winners :D Just being nosy, but why do you have 3 monitors?

Julie (O-kami) said...

I have 4 at the office - as an accountant I put a tax return on one, trial balance on one and workpapers on the third - more efficient for review. I can log in to my office from home so I need something comparable here.

Rori said...

Oh wow, ok. :D

pupton said...

Thank you Julie! I am thrilled to win the Illusions notebook. I am looking forward to receiving it!
I have to say that your never ending project still looks much better than mine even though I don't have that many monitors with my computer. That and my computer is probably 5 or 6 years old! Yikes! It doesn't even have USB2!

Thanks again!

Claire said...

Oh! Was 'Claire' me? If so - woo hoo! Cant wait for your email!!

I never win anything!

Julie (O-kami) said...

Claire, if you are Claire Barret I sent an email on Sunday. I need your mailing address.

Anonymous said...

Wow, awesomely clean desks. I am SO jealous!! Keep up the good work. :)

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