Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Letters and Journals Swag

If you are not familiar with Letters & Journals it is the website for the startup Letters & Journals Magazine from Jackie Flaherty.  Although, the actual publication of the magazine is still somewhere in our future the website and the Letters & Journals blog are a great source of information about letters, journals and writing.

Letters & Journals has been having a monthly giveaway since August 2010, in fact, I was the winner of the first giveaway.  The December 2011 giveaway, is the last that will be held for a while (Jackie has a new business and those commitments restrict her time), so I was thrilled when I discovered that I was the winner of the last giveaway (for the time being).

Jackie has done a wonderful job obtaining wonderful products from vendors for these great giveaways.  This giveaway was no different and contained an amazing variety of products.

You can see a full description of all the items I received on the Letters & Journals site.

One of the items (group of items) I received are these adorable poodle note cards from Haley's Handmades. I used one of these cards for a penpal who owes a standard Poodle.  These cards are great and they are Fountain Pen friendly.

I really love trying out new stationery and stuff.  Thanks, Jackie.


Trece said...

Congratulations!! You're on a streak!!

Jackie Flaherty said...

So glad you liked them! I love her cards too!


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