Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Avery 3-Ring Binder - Review

This time I received three wonderful Avery Products for review:

I now have to admit that I adore the Avery Note Tabs, so much so that I took them all to my office and used them all up within 2 days and forgot to take a photo - the photo at the bottom of this post is from the website.

This is the binder - the basics are as follows:
  • 3 Ring
  • 4 interior pockets
  • 1.5" capacity
  • 400 sheet capacity
Now the very best part - this binder is made of 100% recycled materials!! 40% post consumer waste.

The binder has a very nice opening system.  Instead  of grabbing the rings or the two tabs at each end, this binder has a single tab that you can open with one finger and a very light touch. In fact, it took me several tries to get the rings to open just a little (see the photo above).

This binder is also different in the ring design.  Gone are the old Z shaped teeth that would always get out of line and catch the paper, replaced with a new Gap-Free ring feature.

The second item are the Binder Inserts.  These are 1-1/2" wide and come in sheets of 5.  You have to email Avery for the template to type on these, which I found a little annoying.  I would have preferred to just be given a website address to access the template, but the template came very quickly.  I did find the template a little awkward to use and it took me a couple of tries to get my artwork and name properly aligned, but once I did it worked very nicely.

The last item is my favorite, the Note Tabs.  These tabs are clear plastic with a tab on which you can write.  They are movable, self sticking and work great.  I now have the 10 that I was sent on files all over my office and have ordered an additional 3 packages.  You can highlight or write on the clear plastic if desired and, of course, write on the tabs.

Neither the Binder Inserts or the Note Tabs contain any recycled materials.  But they are still great products.


Anon said...

Julie, I am a huge fan of these Avery Note Tabs. They were a life saver in law school, and I much prefer them over Post-it brand tabs, for the simple fact that you can write on the clear part of the tab. They are super easy to remove, too. I just can't say enough about this product. I often try to find these in local stores where I live here in Connecticut, but often find that stores don't carry them and that I need to buy them online. - kp

Ferguson Cumberbatch said...

I am currently using one of these binders to hold a textbook for a course I'm taking and I really like it. I love the way you open the rings up to add paper.

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