Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Featured Pen - Pilot Custom 823

I have come to the realization that I simply don't want purchase another pen that uses a cartridge/converter as it's primary filling system.  They are just so inefficient.

Now, note I said primary filling system.  Many c/c pens are easily converted to eye dropper fill so I can justify that one; and other pens have other redeeming qualities, such as the wonderful nib of the Namiki Falcon or the beauty and feel of a Nakaya or a vintage pen that I have been wanting.  But otherwise, almost every pen that I have acquired recently is not a cartridge/converter fill.

[You can click on any of the photos to enlarge for more detail]

The Pilot Custom 823 is no exception.

The Custom 823 is unique among modern Pilot pens, almost all of which utilize a c/c filling system.  This pen utilizes a plunger/vacuum filling system. This system is easily filled and the pen holds a HUGE amount of ink.

Another lovely feature of this pen is a huge #15 size nib.

The 823 is a demonstrator type pen and it's really cool to watch the ink level slosh around inside of the pen.

I simply have to include the following copy of a patent drawing from 1939, I found it while researching the plunger filling system.  If you look closely at the internal workings of the 823, it uses this exact system, which was designed to simplify the plunger filling system of the day.  I thought that it was interesting.
But as with any pen, all of the pretty packaging and efficiency is for naught if the pen does not write well.  No worries here, this pen is a wonderful writer right out of the box. It writes smoothly and well. Definitely a keeper of a pen.

By the way, this pen came to me with the kind assistance of Tom Oddo at Goldspot Pens.


Molossus said...

*sigh* One of these days I shall splurge on a really nice fountain pen, and this looks like one that might suit.

Thank you for the review!

peterpen53 said...

I don't think your statement that the 823 is Pilot's only pen not using a cartridge/converter filling system is entirely correct. On Pilot's Japanese website you will find the Custom Heritage 92, very much a demonstrator, which is a piston filler. Thought you would like to know. Perhaps for your next Pilot pen?

Julie (O-kami) said...

peterpen - I did not say that the 823 is the only pen not using a c/c fill system, I said that ALMOST ALL of Pilot's other pens are c/c fillers

peterpen53 said...

Well Julie, maybe my eyes are deceiving me, after all I just turned 58, or my English is turning sour, but perhaps you might want to take another look at the first sentence of your writing sample. (BTW, I'm curious for the ink you were using)
No offense!

Julie (O-kami) said...

Peter - sorry about that you are absolutely right I mis-wrote. The ink is R&K Alt Goldrun.

peterpen53 said...

Thanks, Julie. Interesting color. Do you have any experience with this ink in wider nibs? I use hardly anything smaller than medium myself.
I also noticed that you often photograph your pens outdoors. Is that because of the lighting? I never seem to get it right indoors.

Economy Pens said...

Gorgeous pen! If you decide you don't like it, I will gladly provide my mailing address. ;)

Julie (O-kami) said...

Peter - I'll have to fill one of my stub or italic nibs and do a review of the Alt Goldrun. Soon, I promise.

Yes, I can never seem to get the lighting right indoors, so outdoors works better.

peterpen53 said...

Thanks, Julie. Didn't mean to rush you into a review, I was just wondering. I look forward to it though, and to your next featured pen.

Julie (PW) said...

FYI: The ink capacity is 2.2ml for this pen. Glad you like it. It was too heavy for moi. The plunger is fun to use and makes this a very neat pen!

Julie (O-kami) said...

Peter - no bother, thanks for the suggestion - I'm always looking for new topics to put on the blog

Julie - thanks for that info

Stephanie said...

I bought a Pilot Preppy recently that I'm in the process of converting to an eyedropper pen. (Need more ink before it can be finalized!) It'll be my first non-c/c pen, so I'm curious what you dislike about c/c systems. Especially since I have things I don't like about my Lamy Safaris with converters, but I haven't tried other filling systems yet to know the differences.

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