Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Featured Pen - Waterman 42 Safety

The Waterman Safety Pen was introduced in 1907 and continued to be produced until the mid 1930s. The Safety Pen featured a retractable nib and a plug in the top of the cap which effectively sealed the barrel and prevented leakage of ink when the pen was closed.  In addition, the Safety was the first pen to be manufactured by the Waterman company that was produced with barrel threads and a screw cap. [Source: PCA Library, Waterman History by Robert Tefft].

In 1923, the Waterman ripple pens were introduced.  These were distinguished by a very attactive ripple pattern in hard rubber and by colors which have never been seen before or since in rubber pens [Source: PCA Library, Waterman History by Robert Tefft].

It is my understanding, that the double gold bands on this pen are because it was produced for the French market.

Model #

The nib in it's house.

Peeking out
Hello, there!

Hard to capture, but what I initially thought were dings on the gold bands actually appear to be hallmarks of some kind.

This pen measures 4-11/16 inches capped and the same uncapped with the nib extended.  The nib extends easily using your fingers, but the cap is designed to make extension simpler.  The pen measures 5-11/16 inches capped.

The real fun with this pen though is in the nib.

In closing, I have to give credit to Eric and Dan from  They found this pen on eBay and featured it in the Sunday Shopper section on January 8.

The Ripple Waterman and the Safety pen are two pens that until now had eluded me, so I was very, very happy to add this pen to the herd.


bleubug said...

I remember this pen on Ebay. I almost bid on it myself. Maybe I did but lost, can't remember now. It's a lovely one and glad you like it so.

FPGdan said...

I'm so happy for you and envious of you at the same time! What a fantastic pen!

SheilaM said...

What a lovely pen. I am so glad that it has found a good home!

John the Monkey said...

Anyone who's listened to the FPGeeks podcast knows the story of this pen - lovely to see it in more detail!

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