Saturday, February 11, 2012

Inaugural Rhodia Journal Swap

I was chosen as one of the 12 participants in the inaugural Rhodia Journal Swap.  In all honesty I did not expect to be picked, in fact, I almost did not enter.  But I did, at the very last minute. The reason? I wasn't and still am not sure what to put in the journal, but I am muddling through.  I do think that it will get easier as we go along and once the journals start to travel.

The Cover
I decided to start decorating my cover and will ask that the other participants add to it, if they do desire.

I wrote the first two pages and then doodled - checking out the wonderful Sakura Gelly Roll Pens - Moonlight, sent to me by Brad from JetPens - thank you, Brad!!  More testing and a review to come (over on In Pursuit of a Hidden Artist.

Playing with my fountain pens. Oh, that's not your eyes going fuzzy on the right hand side.  I prepped the back side of the page with Golden's Absorbent Ground so that I could play with my watercolors and the moisture made the some of the inks go fuzzy.

If you want to see more entries from fellow journalers check out the Tumblr Blog - Rhodia Journal Swap.

I'll be posting more there and here.

Thanks again, Stephanie (aka Biffybeans) and Rhodia!!


Molossus said...

I was wondering what you had used to draw those patterns! Knowing you, I was expecting fountain pen ink, and wondered what in gave those results, lol! All is now explained.

Penemuel said...

When I try to go to the Tumblr blog, I get a page saying I don't have permission to view it. Is it private to those involved in the swap?

Julie (O-kami) said...

No, it definitely is not private. I think the link is correct now, please let me know if it still does not work.

Trece said...

Have fun with this!! I am loving the doodles - your work is so precise! I just treated myself to the Moonlight Sakuras; they're what I've been using for NaNoJouMo.

Stephanie said...

Rhodia is making journals now? How come I didn't know this when I had to run out to get an emergency journal last week? Hmm, something to keep in mind! I like the idea of decorating the cover a lot.

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