Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tom Bihn Breve Bag for iPad

Editor's Note: I am sorry to say that the Breve has been discontinued by Tom Bihn. According to Darcy on the Forum: "The Breve has stepped aside (forever) to make room for new designs for the iPad that Tom is working on." - May 23, 2012 - I can't wait to see what the new designs are.

Directly from the Tom Bihn website:
The Breve for iPad 2 is a streamlined way to protect and carry your iPad, charger, phone and not much else.
The Breve for iPad 2 is made with an exterior of U.S. 1050d ballistic nylon and an interior of padded open-cell foam laminated to super-soft brushed nylon. It provides padding and scratch protection for all sides of the iPad.
The front of the Breve for iPad 2 features two zippered pockets faced with soft Ultrasuede to protect your electronics; one pocket is sized to fit your iPhone or other cell phone, while the other fits the iPad charger, earbuds, and our Ultrasuede Screen Cloth.
The Breve for iPad 2 pockets zip open-and-shut with YKK #5 zippers with plastic sliders that won't scratch electronics.
Included with the Breve for iPad 2 is a a removable, adjustable 1" wide webbing shoulder strap — its low profile matches that of the bag and supports its relatively light load with ease. Remove the shoulder strap and use the Breve for iPad 2 as a protective sleeve inside of a larger backpack, messenger bag, briefcase, or travel bag.
Unfortunately, the Breve in Kiwi, as shown above is no longer available, which is really a shame, I love this color. So what color did I get?  What else, black!

Seriously though, when I purchased my iPad last July I had them install a screen protector and I purchased a case from Incase. However, after carrying it for a while I realized a couple of things.  
  1. It was just too bulky 
  2. There was no truly convenient way to carry my iPad with me 
So I endeavored to find the perfect combination of protection and carrying convenience.  

What I really wanted was a protective case with a shoulder strap, but for some reason no one seems to be making one. I don't really know why, I always figure that if it's something that I'm looking for there has to be someone else out there looking for it too.

I know, you are wondering why I just can't carry it in whatever other bag I'm currently carrying. That happens to be another Bihn bag, the Imago.  I also have a large Cafe Bag, about which I still need to post a review. The problem with adding the iPad to my existing bag is that bag is WAY TOO HEAVY when you add the iPad to my stash of pens, journals and art stuff.

Then I discovered the Tom Bihn Breve.  What I love about it is that there is nothing extra too it. It is just a bag which holds the iPad perfectly. After it came I realized that the Incase Book Jacket just wouldn't work anymore, so I got an Apple Smart Cover for the front and a Belkin snap shield for the back. The combination of these two is perfect (for me).  The iPad profile is now almost as if it is au naturel. It is lightweight and easy to use.

Now all I have to do is slip it into the Breve and away we go. The other beauty of the Breve is that it serves as a protective envelope for the iPad if I need to combine it with another bag and it readily slides into my Imago.


Anonymous said...

I've been looking at the Cafe Bag. Can't wait for the review! :)

Teri said...

I love Tom Binh's stuff! I have the medium Cafe Bag which had hard use for three years and still looks like new. These days, I like the Side Effect, which I use as my main purse.

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