Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Ink Review - Rohrer & Klingner Alt Goldgrun

Rohrer & Klingner Inks popped onto the US market a couple of years ago and made quite a splash.  They have some wonderful colors, two of my favorites are Smaragdgrun and Solferino.

The following is from the R&K website:
 In 1892, the lithographer Johann Adolf Rohrer (1850 – 1918) began with the production of special graphic supplements in the city of Leipzig. His son Johann Adolf Rohrer junior (1880-1953) – a skilled lithographer himself – continued the manufacture of these special products and founded with his partner Felix Arthur Klingner in 1907 the cooperation that is still known under the name Rohrer & Kingner Leipzig-Co.
After the Second World War, the repatriate Johannes Rohrer (1916 – 1991) joined the firm to contribute both his chemical aptitude and his particular interest in arts. When he retired in 1981, he assigned management to his daughter Veronkia Rohrer and his son-in-law Hubert Adamy.

The original production facilities have been employed until 1982, when the company was relocated to the city of Zella-Mehlis in the midst of the Thuringian Forest.
After 1989, the company was readapted successfully to the new market by revising its sales and distribution policy. The products of Rohrer & Klingner are distributed around Germany and several other European countries.
Nowadays, already the fifth generation of employees maintains the firm's long tradition of manufacturing ink and tusche as well as products for etching and lithography.
Following well established recipes, our products are made by hand, combining primarily natural binding materials with the respective colorants.

We gain our preliminary products and add vehicle materials with traditional, gentle methods. Special procedures of dismantling and purgation allow to sustain a consistent quality.
Due to our traditional recipes and production methods, we can still apply a large amount of renewable resources.

[You can click on this image to enlarge for more detail]
You can shop for this or other wonderful R&K inks at Goulet Pens or JetPens. I'm sure that there are other vendors, but these are two of the best.


JoniB said...

I'm currently using this ink in one of my Platinum Plaisir F-nib pens. Mine looks a bit lighter than yours but it is a lovely color nonetheless.

Thanks for the review!

emiliovillegas said...

Love your blog!! :)

Peninkcillin said...

This looks very similar to J Herbin Vert Olive.

Azizah said...

I recently picked up a bottle of this myself! At first glance, I thought it such a strange color (though, as Peninkcillin mentioned, very similar to Vert Olive) but it seems to be darker, perhaps more saturated. Either way, I find it very enjoyable to write with because it's so unique!

peterpen53 said...

Thank you for the nice review, Julie. Interesting colour indeed and very different from the greens I'm currently using (PR Avacado and Sherwood Green). Odd thing is that living in the Netherlands and having been to Germany quite often I had never seen or heard of this ink brand before but it seems to be on every US pen&ink blog I have seen in the past few months.
On my screen the note at the bottom written with the F nib seems to be somewhat darker and a tad more brownish. Would that be correct?

Julie (O-kami) said...

Peter - yes the ink appears a little darker with the F nib, but it really is not brownish at all - the scan is not very good.

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