Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Midori Traveler's notebook

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I recently received this lovely black regular sized TN from the Resor Shop.  This is a product that I debated long about whether I might like it, but I have to admit now that I really like this notebook.

DESCRIPTION - taken from the Resor Shop Website
Midori Traveler's Notebook is a customizable leather journal that will accompany you through a great journey of everyday life as well as an exciting adventure around the world.
It features a high quality leather cover handmade in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The vegetable tanned leather cover will become softer and will acquire a unique look and personality. The more you use it, the better it becomes.
The inside refillable notebook is made in Japan with Midori's original paper in order to pursue the highest writing quality. The notebook can be incorporated inside of the leather cover using a rubber band that is fastened by a clasp made of tin. The leather cover can be closed with a color-coordinated rubber band that goes around the outside of a sketchbook. It can be customized in your own unique way with different type of notebook and pockets.
This is no ordinary notebook but a traveler’s companion that will follow you to every part of the world or to serve as an inspiration to your everyday life. The Traveler’s Notebook is not limited to avid explorers but also for those who seek inspiration in their everyday lifestyle who wish to collect every bit of it in this delicate notebook.
You may find a white powdery substance on the leather upon first opening it. This is the natural fat of the leather, which you can swipe away with a soft cloth.
Click here to learn more about the Traveler's Notebook.
The package includes
- Black leather cover (2mm thick and vegetable-tanned)
- One extra rubber band
- One refillable notebook (blank)
- Cotton cloth case
W 4.5" x H 8.5"

Midori in Japan
Thailand & Japan

I have now been carrying the TN for about three weeks but I still have not yet settled into a definite use.  It's seems to lend itself to so many purposes that I'm not sure it needs to be limited to anything specific.  Is it a calendar?  Is it a sketchbook, a notebook?  All of the above?

I tested two paper refills, first the blank Midori refell which came with the TN.  I like this refill, the paper is nice and smooth.  I found no feathering or bleedthrough with my XF fountain pen although there is substantial show through.  One of the downsides of this notebook is that it is stapled and semi-expensive, running $6 - 8 for 64 page refills, that can add up if you use this notebook a lot.

The other refill is the Banditapple Carnet in the Handy size.  It is the same size as the Midori refill and comes in all the same options (lined, blank, etc) plus a handy calendar arrangement.  Not all the paper options are currently available from the U.S. distributor, Goulet Pens, but hopefully that will change soon.

All in all, the verdict is a thumbs up.  I like the style and feel of this notebook and I am sure that I will find many more uses for it going forward.

For additional ideas about customizing the TN for your use, you see the beads that I have added, please visit Patrick Ng's website, Scription.


Trece said...

Thanks for sharing. Looks good!

Rori said...

Great review, thanks!! I am SO excited that the Banditapple Carnets fit it :D BRILLIANT!!!!!

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