Saturday, March 10, 2012

Tea on an Office Supply Site? Really?

I honestly never would have thought to even look for tea on the website.  But this has opened my eyes and I will definitely have to explore a few more of their 400,000 products.  I guess when I really think about it it makes sense, after all my office does supply tea bags and coffee for consumption during the day.

I received a variety box of Numi Organic Tea. Fortunately, I am a tea drinker.  I generally drink one cup of coffee on the way to work in the morning and then I switch to tea, generally green tea mixed with a lemon herbal tea, for the remainder of the day.

I found these teas to be very good and freshly flavored.  I have to be honest, I used up the entire box, with the exception of the Chamomile Lemon and the Morrocan Mint, in one day and unlike the generic tea that I am provided at the office, I drank this tea to the last drop in my cup.  It is very good and I truly enjoyed it.

I have not yet used the Chamomile Lemon tea, since it is designed as an evening tea and I generally do not drink tea later that about 4 pm. I will not use the Moroccan Mint, since I do not like Mint in my tea.

I would like to share the three flavors that I enjoyed the most, GunPowder GreenJasmine Green and Orange Spice. I like the fact that the flavors of these teas are very subtle and not overpowering. They made my tea drinking experience very enjoyable.


James said...

I had a similar experience when I discovered Office Depot sold Keurig coffee cups. Guess where all my coffee business went to...

Stephanie said...

I really like Numi's red tea, so I'm glad to hear you liked their other selection. Definitely something to try out.

Anonymous said...

I bought Numi at Duane Reade last week, just so I can have some decent bagged tea at the office. It's better quality than the ubiquitous Lipton tea bags, and it gives me the slightest feeling of luxury while I'm working.

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