Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tom Bihn Large Cafe Bag

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you will know that I am a fan of Tom Bihn products, well this post will just reaffirm that.

I own an Imago, a Breve for my iPad and the subject of this post, a large Cafe Bag.  I originally purchased this bag when I acquired a netbook.  The netbook subsequently went to my mom as a replacement for her ancient desktop and was replaced by the iPad, but the Cafe Bag still gets a lot of use.

Photo from the Tom Bihn Website
The following detail information is from the Tom Bihn Website:

The Large Café Bag is a shoulder bag designed for those who want a smart bag to organize and carry their essentials.
The main, open-top compartment and front zippered pocket of the Large Café Bag are covered by an asymmetrical flap that closes with the distinctive TOM BIHN off-set Duraflex Warrior buckle. On the right front of the bag you'll see our distinctive grey TOM BIHN logo label.
Under the flap, you'll find a #8 YKK zipper pocket spanning the width of the bag. It's ideal for securing your wallet, checkbook, or other small items. The main compartment of the Large Café Bag has an "o-ring" that comes with an 8" Key Strap attached to it. (Additional and extended length Key Straps can be purchased separately.) The Key Strap is useful for keeping track of your keys (many folks leave their keys attached to the key strap) and can be used to clip a pocket watch or Swiss-army knife to the bag. TOM BIHN Cordura, Clear, Padded, or Cork Organizer Pouches can also be attached to the o-ring for extra organization.
Also inside the main compartment are four organizer pockets. Two of the pockets are sized for your cell phone/iPod or a small wallet, and two are sized for pens. The back of the Large Café Bag has a slanted, open-top pocket ideal for storing papers, files, a magazine or a newspaper.
The Large Café Bag rides on your shoulder with a 1-1/2" shoulder strap made of high quality nylon webbing. It features a low-profile shoulder pad with a grippy underside. The Large Café Bag can also be carried by a webbing handle that is on the the top/back of the bag. Also included is a removable waist strap so that you can wear the Large Café Bag bike-messenger style. 

The Large Cafe Bag is available in a variety of different color combinations. Consult the color selection drop-down menu above and to the left for the most current selection of available colors.

Think the Large Café Bag is too big? You're in luck! The Café Bag is also available in sizes Small and Medium. You're sure to find a size that is "just right" for you.

My Cafe Bag is a demure Linen and  Steel Combo.

 Here is is loaded with everything I carry on a daily basis, plus one extra item - my iPad in it's Breve bag.

The stuff in the bag.

The stuff out of the bag.

I carry this bag, or my Imago, everyday and cannot imagine leaving the house without it.  After all you never know when you may want to write or sketch, or both.


JoniB said...

Nice looking bag!

Teri said...

I used a medium Cafe Bag as my purse for three years straight. It's still in excellent condition. I now use the Side Effect, since I like being able to use it as a fanny pack. I just don't carry as much stuff these days. I also have the knitter's bag and the clear wallet. All of their products are excellent designs, long lasting, and well made.

Zoe, ontheroad said...

When you bought this did you also consider their other bag, the Ristretto? With the exception of padding, I keep wondering what the differences are that warrant the increase in price.

And as always a terrific review.

Julie (O-kami) said...

Hi, Zoe

I did consider the Ristretto. I am not sure what the other differences might be, but I decided to go with the less expensive Cafe Bag.

Zoe, ontheroad said...

Thanks, Julie, I've been considering one or another for ages.

Stephanie said...

A friend of mine is considering getting a Tom Bihn knitting bag, so I'm glad to see another positive review for the line. I take it they hold up really well to wear and tear!

Nancy Stanley said...

I am a total Tom Bihn addict. Their stuff is total quality, and the bags are absolutely the most well thought out anywhere, as far as usefulness.

Rowland Jones said...

I have a Cafe Bag-- great product, light and durable.

ONE PROBLEM (not really)

In the UK Bi(h)n Bag, means a plastic disposable bag for trash---- so when I ask my wife where's my Bin Bag? it always makes me smile..... I must get out more :-)

Brooklyn Beckham said...

Wher can I get a no boundaries pencil pouch?

Julie (O-kami) said...

Brooklyn - check at Walmart, No Boundaries is a Walmart brand. I picked up two a few years ago.

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