Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Roaring Spring Notebooks

The latest shipment from the is comprised of six paper products, including Roaring Spring note pads, wirebound paper notebooks and elephant poo note pads.


Although the paper on these landscape format writing pads is not completely fountain pen friendly, they definitely have found a use on my desk.  The paper is 20# recycled paper and accepts fountain pen ink with minimal feathering but some show through.

I really like the landscape format of the pad and it provides a very useful note taking place on my desk. 

My favorite of these products is the Environotes Sugarcane Paper Notebook. One of the best things about this paper is that it is so fountain pen friendly. I have used the other Bagasse paper and like those prior use the paper in this notebook neither feathered nor was there any showthrough.

Sugarcane paper is made from a by-product of the sugar-making process.  "Bagasse", the waste fibers of the sugarcane plant, are recovered and used to make this environmentally compliant paper (from the information included with the notebook).

Roaring Springs is a very old company. In 1887 Daniel M. Bare founded the Roaring Spring Blank Book Company to produce ledgers, journals, etc., hence the name 'Blank Book'. Roaring Spring Blank Book is now one of the largest independently owned producers of school and office supplies.

Roaring Springs also makes a variety of Poo Papers, including Elephant, Horse and Cow Poo.  This scratch pad is definitely not fountain pen friendly, but I love the idea of recycling animal waste for paper and will find many uses for this pad.  It is unfortunate that these are not available as individual pads and may only be purchased by the case.

Lastly are these wonderful Genesis Enviroshades notebooks with their colorful paper.  These notebooks are available in one, three and five subject notebooks.  They have a wonderful heavy vinyl cover and the paper is perforated for easy removal and three-hole punched for easy transfer to a 3-ring binder.

Unlike the sugarcane paper, but like many other recycled papers, the paper feathers minimally but does have a little show through with fountain pens. 

The showthrough is not bad though and I would not pass over this notebook for that reason alone.  The paper has a wonderful feel and the colors are pleasing.

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Molossus said...

Ooh! You got the poo notepad. I got the notebook. This has been my month for elephant poo paper, lol!

I think I need to get a juicier fountain pen ink or wetter pen. My Noodler's didn't go through on the Sugarcane.

Julie (O-kami) said...

You should not have experienced any bleedthrough with the sugarcane paper. That is one of the wonderful things about it.

Lexi0514 said...

Having used the Staples brand bagasse paper I found no bleedthrough but it certainly had showthrough. Is this brand of bagasse paper thicker? I also appreciate the use of environment friendly sugar cane and animal poo in the production of these papers.

Look forward to seeing more of you here & on Twitter now that tax season is over.

Trece said...

Poo Paper - what will people think of next?!!

JoniB said...

Okay, so my perverse sense of humor loves the "poo paper" - I would use it for notes to people I'm not that fond of. What a great way to vent my frustrations with them without saying anything that could later bite you in the tush. LOL! LOVE IT!

John the Monkey said...

I've not seen Elephant Poo Paper, but Sheep Poo paper (from ) is pretty common in craft & gift shops in Wales - I'm inspired to try some now :)

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