Friday, May 25, 2012

A Couple of Interesting Kickstarter Projects

I wanted to share with you a couple of Kickstarter projects with are still open and looking for supporters.

I have supported a couple of projects in the past, The Combat Paper Program, which is really cool - supports veterans and provides what every pen person needs - paper!!

The second project is the Ink'd Biodegradable Pens. Another cool project for pen and paper people.

Kickstarter is continuously introducing new and worthy projects, thing of yourself as an angel investor, you just might help start the next Microsoft - who knows?

Anyway I want to introduce you to the Titanium Hi-Tec C pen. The Hi-Tec C is an awesome pen produced by Pilot, which has received rave reviews from everyone who uses it. I have a couple of these pens and although I have not written a review, I really love them with I need a reliable, very fine point pen. The Pen Addict has at least ten reviews of this pen on his website.

So, how do you make this awesome pen better? How about giving it a titanium body? And not just any titanium body but one with color coordinated o-rings so you always know what ink color you are using?

So, click on over to the Kickstarter website and check out this pen.

This next project is some what pen and ink related, but I'm including it mainly because it is just plain fun. It is called the Crowded Teeth Fancy Stamp Ring and basically it is "...a ring that has an interchangeable rubber stamp / wooden insert. The stamps will come in a set of 3 in a fancy box! The rings will be cast in silver and brass." The extra cool thing about this ring is that if you go all out with your support you get the brass ring and the silver ring plus all the standard stamps AND Michelle with make 3 stamps from your own art. This could be a way to have a really cool chop to sign all those letters.

These are just a few of the awesome projects out there, so if you have not been to the Kickstarter website you should spend a little time exploring it.  Who knows what you might find and calls out to you.

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Is it weird that I spend a reasonable amount of my free time prowling kickstarter for cool videos? I think not....

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