Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I have not purchased one of the RAH kits in a while.  Mainly, because I am trying to avoid purchasing anymore paper.  I think I have enough to last through the middle of the next century.

But then I saw this kit from Denmark and I just had to have it.

The gaekkebrev is awesome and I really want to know how to make one.  Hen said that they are going to post photos and information about it on their blog and Facebook. So be sure to watch for that.

This kit includes a ROLLO dotted grid pad, A5, with 85g paper from Viking.  The pad is glued on the left edge and the cover is not attached so that the pages can be easily removed, if you desire.  Also, because of this design the pad is easily used in portrait or landscape format.

The second paper item is an all white, bright white, sketchbook. This little book has very heavy paper and it a perfect pocket size. I have not yet tested it out, but I will let you know when I do.

Lastly are the Viking pencils. Hen graciously included three in my package in various lead grades.  I have already added them to my sketching bag along with the little sketchbook (which is begging for me to do something with that plain, bright white cover).

The paper in this pad is very much fountain pen friendly - YAY!!  I tested it out with three different pens, different nib sizes and inks.  There was absolutely no feathering.

And very importantly, no bleed through or show through.

Rad and Hungry has another winner with these wonderful products from Denmark.

Oh and if you are not familiar with who RAH is - just click on one of the links and read all about them. And don't miss The Low Down – STMT X Denmark. The Low Down is the story behind the goods in each kit.

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