Wednesday, August 1, 2012

2012 Miami Pen Show

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Another 2012 pen show is in the books - this time the Miami Show.  The Miami show is small by most standards but it is a very nice show.  If you are in Florida and love fountain pens you owe it to yourself and to the show organizers to attend. Remember that they will only continue to offer shows, if we show an interest in attending, so don't complain that there is no show, if you don't participate - ok, I'll come down off my soap box now.

I was unable to attend last year so this year I was accompanied by my friend, Lita, and we drove over to Miami on Friday and stayed so that we could enjoy all three days of the show and do some snooping into other things that Miami has to offer.  Those four cool little round buttons were being given away by Patrick Sikes of Norsk Woodshop. Note my Pen Collectors of America pin prominently displayed and head on over to the website to join.

The first stop was at Pendleton Brown's table to drop off a few pens for some nib work.  Here Pendleton is sending a hug back to Twitter friend @Lexi0514 who sent him a virtual hug, which I delivered for her.  If you need nib work you can contact Pendleton at or on the Fountain Pen Network: PB2.

FPNer SpottedandSpeckled made an appearance, oh and that is the top of Lita's head there at the bottom of the photo, she was sitting at Pendelton's table watching him work on her pen.

Everyone was busy wheeling and dealing, looking and drooling.

You may not recognize the back of his head, but there is Mr. Pen, Paul Erano, sitting to the left of the gentleman in the blue checked shirt.

Visconti's complete Van Gogh collection - I know it's not a great photo but you can get a better look at the pens by clicking on the photo to enlarge it.  Only three of these have been issued so far, but for a mere $2K or so you can get all 12 now.

Yes, Virginia, there are knives at pen shows and often watches too. Much of it is memorabilia.

I know that this is a terrible photo, but David Oscarson's pens are just too, too shiny.

Pendleton was hard at work all three days and spent his evenings working on pens that people left with him. That lovely blue Bexley sitting in front of Pendleton made it's way home with me.

Detlef Bittner of Bittner Pens against the far wall.

Pat Sikes busy helping out customers admiring his lovely hand turned pens and wood products.

Richard Greenwald talking pens, parts, photography and materials.

That's Scott Franklin of Franklin-Christoph against the far wall showing off many of FC's new pen cases.

The four pens on the left are from Curtis Australia, retail value a whopping $230,000.

Roger Cromwell of Penopoly, was gracious enough to allow me to hold those Curtis pens, with one caveat: "Just don't drop it!!"

Photo courtesy of SpottedandSpeckled

Jim Rouse's lovely Fantasy Legacies.

Photo courtesy of SpottedandSpeckled

Susan Wirth and Deborah Basel at the Queen of Ink's table.

Photo courtesy of SpottedandSpeckled

Ariel Kullock assisting customers. He signed the Miami Pen Show Journal with his pen that I featured last week.

Photo courtesy of SpottedandSpeckled

Bert Oser, the show organizer, of Bertram's Inkwell was busy selling lots of ink. My friend, Lita, was sorely tempted by one of the new Omas Pens. 

Thank you, Bert!  For your hospitality and another great Miami Pen Show.

Before the show, I won a Stmt X USA Kit from Rad and Hungry, which included this journal with a white cover.  I got everyone I could at the show to sign the cover - so it's now the Miami Pen Show Journal.

Sunday proved to be a grey and rainy day in southeast Florida and the weather followed us all the way back to the Tampa area.  But the weekend was wonderful.

Thanks to SpottedAndSpeckled for allowing me you use some of her photos, you can check out all of her photos on Flickr: Miami Pen Show 2012.  I was just too busy chatting with people and looking at all the pens, that I simply forgot to get out my camera most of the time.


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I would LOVE to attend a pen show sometime....better if it contained paper, too. Thanks for the vicarious glance!

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Great review Julie!

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