Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Featured Pen - Vintage MontBlanc 144

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The name resonates of tradition and high end writing instruments.

I have owned a couple of different vintage MBs, a Monte Rosa and more recently a 32.  However, I was not particularly enamored with either pen.  

I would love one of the new models, say the John Lennon or the new Jonathan Swift in the Writers Editions.  What gorgeous pens! However, they are a little above of the price that I am currently willing to give for a pen.

So I decided that I would look to the more traditional line. Say a 146 or 149.  Since I had never used either, I endeavored to locate and test one at the Miami Pen Show in July.

I had no problem finding some wonderful examples of both of these pens at the table of Pennant Editor and Mr. Pen - Paul Erano.

I found both the 146 and the 149 to be lovely pens, well worthy of taking them home, although the 149 is a little on the large side for me.  But the decision was completely taken away when I put the nib on this pen to paper.

The nib on this pen is amazing. Wonderful, gorgeous vintage flex.  What more can I say?

The Akkerman's ink that I used is a sample of Bezuidenwoudgroen.  It is a very dark, forest green which unfortunately scanned as black.  If you like really nice dark green inks, you'll like this one.


Shangching CH said...

Gorgeous line variation! I was perusing for a vintage flex at the show, but I decided to wait until I become well-versed in vintage in the future.
How do you like the Akkerman ink?

O-kami said...

I'm sorry that I did not respond sooner - I got several samples of the Akkerman inks - they are nice but I don't think that I would buy large bottles. Part of that is because I just have so much ink - about 90 bottles - need ink?

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