Wednesday, September 5, 2012

2013 Daycraft Jounals and Giveaway

[You can click on any of the photos to enlarge for more detail]

 I recently received these wonderful 2013 samples from Daycrafts, courtesy of Mr. Foreal Lee.

2013 Executive Diary - Blue, English Version
Three sizes - Pocket (89mm x 165mm), A5 and A6
No. of pages: 408 pages, page-a-day  
Cover material: Fine Italian PU 
Content: ‐ Useful information (International holidays, international guides, IDD codes and more)
              ‐ Nutrition labelling information
Special note: - Case bound
                     - Inside back cover pocket
Edge printing: Inkjet printed edges

2013 Aninaland Diary - Chicken
One size - 106mm x 150mm
No. of pages: 216 pages, week-to-view  
Cover material: Laminated pearl paper
Content: ‐ 71‐week planner (From 27th August 2012 to 5th January 2014)
              ‐ International holidays
              ‐ Gift ideas
              ‐ Nutrition labelling information
              ‐ Perforated memo
Special note: - Case bound
                     - Illustrated cover designs
                     - Sticker attached

Signature Gutenberg Notebook - Helvetica
Two sizes: A5 and A6
No. of pages: 176 pages 
Cover material: Fine Italian PU  
Content: 6.5mm lined cream colour paper 
Special note: - Case bound
                     - Duo-tone soft cover
Edge printing: Inkjet printed edges

As in the past, I love these Daycraft notebooks, I just wish that the paper was a little more friendly to fountain pens. The paper is nice, but it does have some show through.

If you have read all the way to the bottom of this post, WOO HOO!! Carefully read the rules, this is your chase to win one of these notebooks.

1.  You must be a regular follower of my blog, either through Google, email or an RSS feed. Please just be honest and don't enter if you are not a regular follower.

2.  Please leave only one comment and include an email address, I need a way to notify you if you are the winner.  If I don't know how to reach you, you will have 7 days from the announcement of the winner to contact me.

3.  You do NOT need to be a U.S. resident, I am thrilled to recognize my International readers as well and will ship worldwide.

4. Please leave you comment no later than midnight US Eastern time Friday September 14,
the winners will be announced on Saturday September 15.

ADDENDUM: Ok, I have to confess that this was an awful review. I didn't even provide a like to the website where you may purchase these great notebooks and diaries. So, here is the website: Daycraft and take your time and look over all their other great products.

Now about the "review", my good friend Sandra, over at Life Imitates Doodles, has done an outstanding job of reviewing both of these diaries, do I would like to direct you to her reviews, I agree with every word:

Plus there is an added bonus of going to Sandra's blog, she's giving away these great diaries also.

Good luck to everyone!!


Elizabeth Porter said...

Oooo. Why do I have to be a sucker for white covers and white pens - knowing how they stain?

Aaron Kimmins said...

Never too early to start next years calendar!

kate paper said...

Love it! followed via RSS (
So exciting! Thanks for the give away<3

Shangching CH said...

I am following you via Google Reader :) Thank you for the opportunity, Julie!

millicent said...

Wonderful giveaway at the new school term!

Derrick Dodson said...

Me Likey!! d2photo at gmail dot com

Azyzl said...

These are such beautiful journals!
wingedpaintbrush at yahoo dot com

belen said...

Drooling over the Gutenberg notebook.

Arisu said...

These notebooks are so cool! Loving the design on the Gutenberg one!

emiliovillegas said...

Wow those look cool :)

Lynne Florig-Beck said...

these are Beautiful would love to give one to my daughter

CS said...

thank you :)

Chris Meisenzahl said...

Very nice, would love to win this. My high school daughter would enjoy it.

seal gray said...

i've been following you via google reader. i would love to win one of these daycraft notebook!

writetomeoften said...

I am a regular follower with my blog list. you can check out:

Sara A said...

I would love to win one. :) I love the portable size and fun designs. Thank you for the chance. (I follow your blog via Google Reader.)

Lawrence Fox said...


I'd certainly be willing to give the notebook a tryout with my collection of fountain pens and ink! (use Brief RSS reader to follow along and I get the emails as well).


Marco said...

This looks like exactly what I need!

Marji said...

Thanks for the chance to try out a new planner. (I am a regular follower; i have your site bookmarked.)

Ivan Romero said...

Thank you for the chance to try these out.

Michelle N Tremblay said...

Wonderful planners. I follow your blog using Readefine RSS. Thanks for sharing as always.

Bridgett Birmingham said...

Ooh, I'm in love with the Animaland one! It's so cute!

Magdalena F said...

Those planners are lovely! Especially love the Gutenberg Notebook.

Falyn Cooper said...

Delurking to say I love the Gutenberg Notebook! I have been following your inspiring blog with Google Reader.

Gini Cooper said...

Oh, man, I love that blue one and wouldn't even mind that it's not FP friendly because I use my Rapidosketch in my planner. I would love to art that one up. I am a follower (of other blog too and do love the direction your art is taking in the journal swap though I'm too lazy to comment, though if I did I would suggest telling how you do those lovely pages) too.

Jude Decker said...

This is the first time I've seen this brand of calendar diaries, they
look very smart and I hope to win one. Thanks for offering the chance.

kp said...

I am definitely a regular follower, and I follow both of your blogs. Thanks for such a generous giveaway! I am particularly smitten with the Gutenberg Helvetica notebook.

Anita said...

All three look awesome! I especially like the Gutenberg one.

Rlrho said...

I especially love the Gutenberg notebook.

Jenn said...

What an awesome contest!!!

Aisazia said...

Thanks for the great giveaway! :D I also didn't know they made calendar diaries either. XD

Gungor said...

Oh this is an awesome giveaway, I really want to use them!
I am a follower and my email is:

Jennifer Hall said...

These planners look lovely & I know my daughter would love the Animal-land one! I am also a follower @

DanimalBMW said...

these are lovely!

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