Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Tree-Free Greetings Journals

[You can click on any of the photos to enlarge for more detail]

I was reading a post at OfficeSupplyGeek and came across these lovely Tree-Free Greeting Journals. Tree-Free is just what it says, a tree free alternative.  You may read about them on their website:  Tree-Free Greeting Cards and you might want to check them out on Facebook.

I was extremely pleased with they arrived, these journals are lovely.  I'm a sucker for wolves and dragonflies, so these were my choices.

As you can see, there is further reason to be pleased with these journals.  The bleed-through on this paper was virtually non existent and the show-through is minimal.  These journals get two thumbs up in my book. The only source that I have found for these journals is Amazon. Although it appears that you might be able to purchase directly from Tree Free Greetings, the journals do not appear in the product listing but a search of the word journal will take you right to them.

BTW, as you read this I am on my way to Dallas to attend a conference for work. Since the Dallas Pen Show is this week, Friday and Saturday, I arranged to stay over an extra night - if you are attending please find me on Saturday.  If not, I'll post photos!


Jumps said...

To be honest, if I'd come across that site myself, I'd have avoided it. The site looks like somebody threw it up in the hopes that we'd give them our credit card information. It took me time to find the information about what "tree free" actually meant, and even then it was "Why a tree free card?" The logo at the top of the pagelooks like it was stretched.

I'm glad you pointed it out because I'd have completely skipped over it without a "real person" recommendation.

Azizah said...

I looove the wolf! That is gorgeous.

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