Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Featured Pen - Edison Hudson

[You can click on any of the photos to enlarge for more detail]

The Edison Hudson is the only production line Edison that I own, my others are either custom or Signature Line pens.

The lovely thing about the production line pens is that it allows everyone the opportunity to own an Edison Pen at a price that will not break the bank, $150 with a steel nib or $275 with a gold nib.

I purchased the Hudson in Emerald from AndersonPens back in June. It is also available in black and ruby.

I purchased this pen with a stainless steel F nib, but have recently swapped it out for a stainless .7 CI nib. The Hudson used a cartridge/converter filling system but, as with most Edison pens, it is easily converted to an eyedropper, which is what I have done.

This material is so difficult to photograph and show you the true depth of the color and glow. In addition to AndersonPens, the prodution line is available at these other great retailers:

In the US

Nagasawa (Kobe, Japan) Nagasawa  (Osaka, Japan) (Sweden)
The Writing Desk (UK)


Estivalia said...

That is a beautiful pen! But it definitely breaks my bank, all my pens are under the $50 range :p (I have yet to make the leap to $100 pen~)

Azizah said...

Yum, lovely color on that pen!

Derrick said...

Alas, One of these days..

Kevin Mackey said...

The coloring in this pen is gorgeous. I can imagine it was very difficult to photograph and do it justice.

I can see myself going back to Edison for new pens. The one I have is stunning and writes beautifully.

czar said...

Nice pen!

Don't mean to hijack this topic, but WHERE and WHAT is that bracelet?! I've been looking one in -just- those green/blue beads.
Sorry and thanks!


DeboT said...

If you are going to make the jump to +$100 pens, Edison pens are a good way to go. I love mine although I do not have a Hudson (yet). I bought the Edison Nouveau Premiere in cobalt and cappuchino.

Julie B said...

Anthony - that is a Mala that I purchased on

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