Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Handmade Journal from Jesse Aston

If you have not yet discovered Jesse Aston and his handmade journals and books, please, let me introduce you.

Jesse may be found at his website, Aston Handmade, on Etsy, at I Art Books, the Fountain Pen Network as and on Facebook at I Art Books. You should connect with him on whatever your social network preference.

I discovered Jesse just before the holidays and was lucky enough to get in on his very first notebook giveaway, which I luckily won!

This book measures approximately 6" by 4-1/2".

 The leather cover is wonderfully textured and weathered.

This book has exposed stitching with seven signatures of eight pages each for a total of 56 pages.

The paper is very heavy and textured. There was no feathering with my fountain pens...

and absolutely no show-through or bleed-through.

The paper accepted a watercolor wash with absolutely no issues.

I really like the paper in this journal/sketchbook. It is well made and also a convenient size to drop in my daily bag.

Please check out Jesse's store and other sites, he is currently making a few journal's using Tomoe River paper. I recently purchased one and will post about it after I receive it and test it out.


economy pens said...

That's a bad-ass journal - nice score! Look's like it's perfectly suited for getting lost in thoughts, tactile dreaming, and any other adventure you might throw at it.

MissElderberry said...

Very nice! Thanks for sharing.

Azizah said...

COOOL!!! I bet you'll make good use of it :D That is a wicked journal!

Jesse Aston said...

So cool to see art in my journals. I often think about the art and poetry that may someday end up in my books as I am making them. Thank you Julie!

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