Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Perfect Pen Case for the Pen Obsessed by Alicia Klein

This was a Kickstarter project which was launched in July of 2012 and fully funded in August, I'm proud to say that I was a backer. This is the third of four projects that I have backed, one has yet to fund and I am still waiting for one to ship.

Here is the video from the project site page:

Alicia Klein is a designer with a successful track record. She is the designer of the Taxi Wallet and an extensive line of handbags, accessories and other lovely and useful items.

This project did not ship exactly when planned, October, but it did arrive in mid-December. Keep in mind that if you back a Kickstarter project, delays are to be expected. They run the gamut from design problems to production issues. In all honesty, that is to be expected since these are start up projects, just be patient, the reward will be worth it.

The case was available in an array of colors and designs, but just like the project itself, what was originally planned may not be exactly what becomes available.

I chose the Turquoise with the Daiquiri Interior, but what I received is Turquoise with a Bone Interior.

The leather on this case is soft and pliable and the seams are very well sewn. This is a very nice and very sturdy pen case. I am sure that it will provide me with many years of use.


Truppi said...

What pens do you have stashed in there? Wondering how big a pen it will fit.

Julie B said...

Danitrio Densho, Edison Del Coronado and Alliane East West Maki-e. All large pens.

mary jane ong said...

hmmm now that you said that.. that is what i got too.. and exactly what i chose as well. :/

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