Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Name Those Pens!! Reveal

[You can click on any of the photos to enlarge for more detail]

Two weeks ago I posted theses photos of my pens - I thought that maybe I'd better give you the identifications at some point, so here we go!

(The last photo is my office pens, taken with my iPhone, I apologize for the lack of clarity.)

There are two pens not pictured: Pelikan M205 Duo (yellow demonstrator) and Platinum black resin 3776 music nib. I've been considering selling these and they are currently in their boxes.

Everything is named from left to right.

Three Esterbrooks,green, copper and red; Retro 51 Cioppino; Acme Dog Pen with FP conversion kit, Bexley Corona Summer Storm, New Dunn Pen, Visconti Rembrandt RB, Pilot Prera 1.1 Italic

Pilot Custom 98, Sailor Sapporo, Mitaka Eyedropper, Salz Manhattan pen and pencil set, Merlin 33, Mentmore "46", The Croxley Pen, Delta Italiana, Wahl Jade ringtop

 Eversharp Skyline Executive, Eversharp Skyline Standard, Eversharp Doric, Ariel Kullock Magnum P51, Parker 75 Cisele, Parker 51 pen (stub nib) and pencil set , 1945 Parker Striped Duofold, Parker 45 Flighter FP and BP set

Hakumin koboku shiage Urushi, Edison Pearl, Pelikan M200 Gray Binde, Pelikan 100N, Pelikan 140, Pelikan M205, Sheaffer Touchdown, Sheaffer Imperial, Sheaffer - unknown found pen, Sheaffer Snorkel (Australia) Flex Stub Nib
The Salz Fountain Pen, Creeks n Creeks, Heiko, Esterbrook, Heiko, Inkograph, Danitrio Densho, Edison DelCoronado, Franklin Christoph Model 25 Eclipse, Ken Cavers Bamboo

Unknown Vintage Pen, Danitrio Year of the Dog maki-e, Cross Townsend, Waterman's Safety Pen, Waterman's 52, Waterman's Inkvue, Kaweco AC Sport, Edison Huron bulb filler, Conklin Crescent ringtop, Wahl Pen ringtop
Pilot Custom 823, Alliane East Meets West Maki-e, Nakaya Piccolo, Stipula Passaporto LE Miami Sunrise, Stipula Passaporto LE Miami Sunset, Vintage Kaweco Sport pen and pencil set, Patrick Sikes Flag pen, Wality 708

Vintage Kaweco Sport, Aurora 88, Pilot VP 2012 LE, Visconti Van Gogh Midi, Namiki Falco, Levenger L-Tech, Swan Leverless, Swan SM205/86, Noodlers, Edison Hudson

Reform P120, Reform 1745, Vintage Namiki VP, Vintage Pilot VP Stealth, Levenger True Writer, Lamy 27, Lamy Safari, Lamy Vista
Libelle Nature Mosiac, Waterman Phileas (it's green) , Faber Castell, Reform 1745, Caran d'Ache, Parker 45, The Cow Pen


Cole said...

J, love this post.

I think your unnamed Sheaffer is either a Sheaffer Fashion or Sheaffer Agio, the difference being in when it was manufactured (name change).
This was my first fountain pen and one my absolute favorites to this day.

Julie B said...

Thank you, Cole! I just wasn't sure what it was.

strangeknight said...

Actually it's a Sheaffer TRZ. That's a very distinctive clip :)

Truppi said...

Always lovely to see your collection. You skipped naming the Kaweco AC Sport between the Inkvue and the bulb filler. =)

Azizah Asgarali said...

Be still my heart. I love this post. Aside from loving your East meets west Maki-e and Nakaya Piccolo, I love love love your cute little Stipulas in the LE colours!

Julie B said...

Thanks, SK - I found that pen somewhere and it's not in the best of shape, but it's a fountain pen what can I say

Thanks, Mike - I've corrected the omission now

Trece said...

My first Waterman was green. I exchanged it for a blue one, because it leaked (and there weren't any other green ones). I've always hoped to find another green one. . .

ccorrada said...

whoa! this is some serious pen porn! and some serious case of envy! thanks a lot for sharing!

Epens said...

This seems like the wonderful collection of pens. Retro 51 is a cool pen, I also had that. I like their company motto that is "Life is too short to carry an Ugly Pen". I love to read your blog because you mention the name of each pen that is helpful for me.
Kelly Walker

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