Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Palomino Drawing - Luxury Notebook Series

From European Paper's Website:
Palomino Luxury Medium Hard Cover Notebook (5 x 8.25)

Palomino Luxury Notebooks are the perfect creative companion for aspiring artists, writers, doodlers, and dreamers. The Palomino Luxury Medium Hard Cover Notebook features 160 acid-free pages optimized for pencils, yet ideal for rollerballs, ballpoints, and some fountain pens too. The smooth white, 90 gsm paper is perfect for sketching and writing out your ideas and bringing them to life. Keep all your notes in one place with the black elastic closure and cloth ribbon placeholder, plus the rear expandable pocket. Tastefully designed to combine modern technology, premium materials and traditional artisanship perfected by generations of Turkish printers and book binders, Palomino's Luxury Notebooks have the look and feel of elegance that has long defined the Palomino brand.

Plain or Ruled Paper
Acid-Free Paper
Rear Expandable Pocket
Black Elastic Closure & Cloth Ribbon Placeholder
90 gsm White Paper
160 Pages (80 Leaves)

This notebook has a typical black cover, but the spine is a wonderful orange which makes it easily recognizable in a group of other similar notebooks.

The paper is smooth and takes ink readily.

There is some showthrough, but it is very minor. There was no bleedthrough until I used my Namiki Falcon with the soft fine nib and Platinum Carbon black ink.

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Azizah Asgarali said...

Uh oh.... *puts on wish list*
I love the name "Palomino" as well! I'm a sucker. I love your writing sample. NICE PENS.

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