Sunday, September 8, 2013

Ogami - The First Notebook Made from Stone

The line "The First Notebook Made From Stone" comes from the information on the outer wrapper of the notebook.  I cannot testify to the accuracy of this statement since I am aware that there are other notebooks with paper based on stone, but perhaps Ogami  began this trend.

My friend, Carla, and I had a few minutes to kill after meeting from lunch, so we embarked on one of our favorite things, exploring our local stationery store, Write-On Sarasota.

Here we discovered these notebooks, which are part of Ogami's Quotes Collection. I don't remember which notebook Carla acquired, but I love the quote on mine, which is from Gertrude Stein.


One would think that paper made from stone would be eco-friendly, after all no trees were killed, but I found this article in Wired magazine, which puts that into question.  Ah well, I guess everything has it's issues.

This notebook contains squared, or gridded, paper. (They did not show up on the scan) The paper is very smooth and bright white.

The paper accepts ink very well and I really like it.  

The one drawback is because the paper is made from stone it is very dense (not porous at all). This means that the ink sits on top of the paper and so takes a substantial amount of time to dry.

All in all, this is very nice paper and they are very nice notebooks.

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