Sunday, March 16, 2014

I'm still here

Honestly, I have not dropped off the face of the earth. I have just been busy, busy, busy with work and to be honest, have been going through somewhat of a slump when it comes to putting pen to paper - or fingers to keyboard.

So, to all my readers...and all the penpals that I owe letters to, one of these days (I hope) the slump will end and my pen will again hit the paper (and my fingers the keyboard).

I do have a bit of upcoming excitement, soon I hope.  Last April I caved and ordered a custom pen from Ernest Shin of Hakumin Urushi. If you are not familiar with Ernest's work, check out his website and also the collaborations that he has done with Brian Gray of Edison Pens.

So, if that is not enough of a teaser I'm sure that you are wondering what kind of a pen did I get? I have one of Ernest's pens, Koboku Shiage, which I adore and is currently, if not always in my rotation. So I decided once again to use an Edison Pearl as the base.

I couple of years ago I fell in love with a pen that I saw on Flickr - then pen belongs to and the photo was taken by Lisa Miyako - you can see it here and here on her Flickr page.

So I knew that I wanted a pen in this Negoro style.

The following photos and explanation of Negoro is directly from John Mottishaw's website:

Nakaya Urushi pens are meant to age, with the underlying color becoming more apparent as the Urushi lacquer matures. "Wabi-Sabi" is the term used in Japanese for objects whose aesthetic value increases with use and wear. Taking this idea to its logical extreme, this pen honors the aging process even more by featuring "cracks" artfully engraved onto the surface of the cap, barrel, and gripping section. The Negoro weathering process is particularly painstaking and time-consuming - production of these pens usually requires six months or more.
Nakaya Piccolo Cigar
Nakaya Piccolo Cigar


Although the Nakaya is an amazing and lovely pen, I love my Piccolo in heke-tamenuri, but I have one gripe. They are c/c only and cannot be converted to eyedropper. This is because the threads where the nib section joins the body of the pen are metal. Because I am not a fan of c/c pens and prefer either piston, eyedropper or some other filling system, I called upon Ernest to provide me with my pen.

The color of the Nakaya above is shiro-tamenuri, I chose to have my pen done in kuro-tamenuri, which is black over scarlet. This color is not one that Nakaya offers in the negoro style, which is another reason that I chose to go with Ernest.

Photo taken by Phthalo from Fountain Pen Network

Lastly, I know your wondering, what about the nib.  I chose an 18kt gold BB stub nib. YUM!

So, I am still anxiously awaiting my pen. I am praying that it arrives before we head to the Chicago Pen Show in May.  If it does and you're able to attend the show, ask me to show it to you. Unfortunately I have just discovered that we are going to be unable to attend the Chicago Pen Show this year.

Hakumin Koboku Shiage
Hakumin Koboku Shiage
Hakumin Koboku Shiage


kp said...

Glad to see you posting again, Julie! I understand about writing slumps. But, you've been exercising your creativity by knitting some really cool stuff! We can't do it all, you know? I'm excited to hear about your Edison Hakumin Urushi pen. I really like Ernest's interpretation of Negoro, and, hopefully, there will be one of those on the horizon for me, as well. Would love to see photos of yours when it arrives!

phonelady said...

Glad to see you back dear and have a great day and week .

weedbychoice said...

Julie, I was scrolling through the internet and came upon your website...I wrote/published a book " Whatever I'm Still Here "..based on life
experiences and how we deal with them, serious yet with touches of humor. Regardless of the bumps in the road, hence the title...
I will be following your the way, I have always been fascinated by a good fountain pen myself.

Rose said...

Bummer... I was just looking for your email to see if you would be going to the Chicago pen show. First pen show for me... we're going Saturday.

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